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Interior Wash set
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by: Sal [ LTB073 ]


AK Interactive USA offers a wide variety of useful products that help model makers create models that appear the most realistic as possible. Products include items such as books, DVDs, painting, weathering and colour modulation sets as well as a wide variety of detailing bits and pieces. AK Interactive website claims that all of their products are of the highest quality and are the most current and innovative technology in the world.


The AK Interactive Interior Weathering Set is designed to give a modeller an easy way to achieve a well used interior of an AFV. The Set includes 1 bottle of their Airbrush Acrylic Colour, Cremeweiss AK 092. Their Website states that this is the interior colour of German vehicles during WWII; this colour can also be used for the interiors of many AFVs. Also included in the set is a bottle Interior Streaking Effect, enamel colour AK094, and an enamel Wash for Interior AK093.


I used the Cremeweiss acrylic colour in my Paasche Airbrush on the interior of an AB-43 Autoblinda turret on which I was working. It sprayed fine right out of the 17ml. bottle with no thinners being needed. Drying time was quick and after a few light coats it looked fine.
Next up was the Interior Streaking Effects that came in a larger 35ml. size bottle. The bottle states to “Apply it to the side plates of your vehicle: Paint vertical lines with a fine brush and later feather them with vertical motion using clean paint thinner.” Well the turret of the AB-43 is not that big so I applied it as a wash because that was the consistency of it. I probably should have gone over it with a clean brush with thinner on it.
Final item in the set was the enamel Wash for Interior which was also in a 35ml. size bottle. This wash has a green tint to it and was also applied to the turret of the AB-43 over the Streaking Effects. It was nicely thinned out but was a little difficult to move around leaving some brush marks. Again, I probably should have gone over it with a clean brush with thinner on it.


The set appears to be a well thought out product that should make it extremely easier for the modeller that has difficulties mixing up their washes. Once you know how these products behave and react they should produce nice results in the end.
Highs: Products are pre-thinned with no need to mix additional thinner unless desired.
Lows: Wash left some brush marks and practice will be need with the products.
Verdict: Seems like a good product.
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 03, 2012

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Sal, I'm a bit puzzled... Did you do gloss coat before applying wash to the turret? That way the wash would accumulate in the crevices and wouldn't cover the entire surface. Also, no brush marks should be visible if the wash was applied to gloss surface. On the other hand, I think streaking effects should have been applied on the matt coated surface after the wash. Sorry, but interior of your Autoblinda looks way too dirty and I think this is not how these products were intended to be used. Mario
SEP 02, 2012 - 10:00 PM
lol pretty dirty crew...slobs !!
MAR 19, 2014 - 02:45 PM

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