In-Box Review
Polish Fiat 508/518

by: Dave O'Meara [ GRUMPYOLDMAN ]

the box
The model arrived in excellent condition, in a lift off top box, with a color picture of the model, and the S model logo. The Instructions are on a single sheet, printed on both sides, don't expect a glue part A to part B type of instructions. You get a short history, written in Polish, and English, and a parts list on one side, the other side has 2 exploded drawings for parts placement.
the kit
This is not a kit for a beginner. See photo 2 and 3. The larger parts are loose in the box, laid on a sheet of bubble wrap, to prevent damage, and I had no damaged parts, except one. One of the seat backs frames had a piece broken, and I couldn't find it in the box. The bags of smaller parts are inside, and the bubble wrap lays over/wraps around everything, so the packing shows some care before shipmant. The wheels are rather nicely cast, although just below the surface you can see some air holes, so I suggest easy on the clean up and sanding, otherwise you will spend some time filling some rather large air holes. The smaller parts are packed in a small plastic zip lock bag. Some have the usual web of resin from casting, and all were in good condition. You get 4 seat backs in the kit, and use only two, so the broken seat back that I had, really is not a problem. The resin hood (bonnet) and grill has some nice fine details. Although a dry fit shows it will need some work, probably a little filler, and some adjustment. As an added bonus, the kit includes the crew, these are fairly well molded, and look rather nice, and since Polish figures are far and few between, it's nice to have the set included. There are no decals or marking included. A small sheet of clear acetate is included for making up the windshield. As I said in my opening remarks, having struggled many years ago, with their vacuform kit, I'm looking forward to making this one. If it wasn't for the rather large air holes sitting just below the surface on the wheels, and a few minor pin holes, in out of the way places under the chassis, etc, I'd have rated the casting a little higher. The detail is pretty good. (I'm still remembering the flat sheets, that were yellow on one side and white on the other from the vacuform kit)
final verdict
The inclusion of the crew is an added bonus, and I would recommend this kit to anyone with experience working in resin and an interest in unusual subjects. I have already started cleaning up the parts, and will post the finished photographs when I'm done. I bought the kit from Military Hobbies.
Many years ago, I built the S model Polish Fiat, when it was available as a vacuform kit, that kit came with a few resin parts. I just found this one as a complete resin kit, and just had to buy it. It's certainly is light years ahead of the old vacuform kit. The kit represents a machine gun carrier, 1939.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: E038
  Suggested Retail: $34.95 US
  PUBLISHED: Apr 26, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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