In-Box Review
1/48th Workable Track Link for Tiger Early I

by: Mary Langley [ TANKYSGAL1 ]

Recently I picked up the new Resin 1/48th Workable Track Link by Armour Workshop. These tracks are made to replace the in-box tracks on all the new 1/48th Tiger I Early models that have been recently released.

The Box
The Box that you will receive with these tracks is a 3x5 typical brown cardboard box. The front of the box has a printed sticker applied to it with the Armour Workshop logo, a description of whats in the box, and three Black and White photos of the tracks actually assembled and on the Tiger I. Inside the Box Upon opening the box you will find a small bubble-wrap bag that contains two smaller zip-lock style bags inside. In one bag you will find 220 individual resin track links, and in the other bag 220 individual pre-cut pins. The tracks do not come with any type of instructions so you will need to rely on personal knowledge and box art as a guide for assembly.
The Track Links
As stated before, the track links themselves are cast in resin. Each link is approximately 1/2 inch long. There is some flash on most of the links that will need to be cleaned up. The tracks are designed to snap together and pin into place without any gluing needed. All holes are suppose to be pre-drilled making assembly easy.
The Pins
The pins for the tracks are pre-cut to match the size of the tracks are brass. This is a nice feature as it gives the user a break from the norm of measuring and cutting each pin individually.
In conclusion, i tried to assemble a few links for a test run. Upon doing this..i found the links very difficult to work with. The Resin links are very brittle and will snap with the slightest bit of torque applied to them. The links seem to snap together easy enough, but trying to pin the tracks together proved very difficult. The pin will insert about halfway and then stops, and cannot be forced or you will snap the track link. Perhaps individually drilling out the holes on each link will help this problem. In my opinion, i found the tracks that came with the Tiger Early I to be much better in detail and in ease of assembly compared to this product.
This is an in-box review of the new Armor Workshop 1/48th Workable Track Link for the German Tiger I Early Production.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: AW-48000
  Suggested Retail: 25.00 USD
  PUBLISHED: May 11, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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