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For World War 1 fans Lion Marc has released some barrel updates for the World War 1 Mk.4.
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There are two new barrels now available from Lion Marc that should add some fire power to a couple French tank builds.
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Lion Marc Model Designs has released a couple of new turned aluminium barrels onto the market with the one that will raise the biggest cheer I suspect being for MENG AMX-30B.
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A new barrel is now available from Lion Marc Model Design, and this 105mm barrel looks perfect for a Hungarian tank.
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LionMarc Model Designs have released two new turned metal barrels onto the market, both of the new barrels are 1/35th scale. Take a look inside for more details.
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Disgracefully, Lionmarc Model Designs haven't featured in the News Section for nearly 3 years. Now though, we're featuring them again with a range of three replacement Churchill Turrets in 1/35th scale.
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Lionmarc have added some new releases to their range including a DV Hull for the Tasca M4A1.
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LionMarc Model Designs have just announced a series of interesting releases in 1/35th scale.
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When AFV Club began releasing their Centurion series and Bronco produced a Comet in 1/35th scale it became clear that a lot of possibilities would emerge for conversions and updates. Now, LionMarc Model Designs have announced new sets for the two vehicles.
LionMarc Model Designs are another of those AM specialists who have gained a very high reputaion for their updates, tracksets and gun barrels. Mow, the company has announced a new release in 1/35th scale along with two new products from IMA - International Models Asia.
The Hong-Kong based manufacturer, LionMarc Model Designs is, not perhaps, one of those After-Market manufacturers who get all the attention they deserve.. The company has a good and very interesting range of barrels, tracksets and update sets. Here are some of their latest releases....
The increasingly interesting range of products from LionMarc are something which really should be getting a higher profile. In this report, we're going to look at some recent releases, in both 'clickable' (working) tracks and 1/35th scale barrels....
LionMarc Model Designs have announced three new products - two track sets (in 48th & 35th scale) and a highly useful set for Sherman builders in 1/35th scale...
The Hong-Kong based manufacturer, Armour Workshop continues to announce some interesting releases in both 1/35th and 1/48th scale...
One of the real joys in the news section, is to be able to bring news of interesting new companies. A company which completes both categories is Armour Workshop - a Hong Kong based producer od resin accessories for vehicles in both 1/35th scale AND in 1/48th scale...