Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 10:17 PM UTC
One of the real joys in the news section, is to be able to bring news of interesting new companies. A company which completes both categories is Armour Workshop - a Hong Kong based producer od resin accessories for vehicles in both 1/35th scale AND in 1/48th scale...
The current catalog of Armour Workshop concentrates principally on some problematic areas for most modellers - tracks and running gear. The company is producing replacement sets for kits that need some attention in that area with a mixture of vehicles and nationalities...

Armour Workshop's CURRENT List (all 1/35th scale)

AW-20000 1/35 Challenger II Barrel Replacement
(For Tamiya)

AW-48000 1/48 Tiger I Early Workable Track Link
(For Tamiya)

AW-70000 1/35 BMD Workable Track Link
(For Eastern Express, SKIF and Zvesda)

AW-70001 1/35 39H Workable Track Link
(For Trumpeter)

AW-90000 1/35 Steel Wheel for SIG 33 Gun
(For Alan)

AW-90001 1/35 Panzer 1B Idler Wheel
(For Dragon)


AW-30000 1/35 251/9 Low Profile Conversion Set (For Dragon & AFV Club)

AW-30001 1/35 251/17 with 2cm Flak Conversion Set (For TDragon & AFV Club)

AW-48001 1/48 Tiger I Early Update Part 1 (For Tamiya)

AW-48002 1/48 Tiger I Early Update Part 2 (For Tamiya)

AW-48003 Replacement barrel for 1/48 Sherman (Tamiya)

AW-70002 1/35 Marder1A Workable Track Link (For Tamiya and Revell)

AW-70003 1/35 Marder 38(t) Workable Track Link

AW-70004 1/35 Challenger II Workable Track Link

AW-70005 1/35 LTV Workable Track Link

More details/images can be seen on Armour Workshop's Website their website also carries full ordering details.

My thanks (as many times before) go to Terry Ashley and the invaluable P.M.M.S. Website for the heads up...

Please remember, when contacting retailers or producers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on ARMORAMA
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