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LRDG Command Car NA w/7 figure
L.R.D.G. Command Car North Africa (w/7 Figures) Tamiya 32407
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by: Robert Card [ BOBCARD ]


This is an in-box review of Tamiya kit number 32407 L.R.D.G. Command Car North Africa (w/7 Figures) 1/35 scale. To the left are photos of the Instructions, decals, corrections, sprue shots and warnings that are provided in the kit. The kit reflects a 30cwt Chevrolet Truck and 7 Figures representing the Long Range Desert Group as seen in North Africa WWII.

Basically this is a 3 kit combination: (as identified on the Tamiya USA site)
Tamiya 35092 Long Range Desert Group 30cwt Chevrolet Truck (includes 2 figures)
Tamiya 35229 Allied Vehicle Set Z sprue (Jerry can, barrels, bags)
Master Box Models MB3598 LRDG in North Africa, a 5 figure kit.


Kit 35092 the original LRDG Chevy truck was first issued in 1976 for approximately $19.00 and has been discontinued, sort of. I did find one available on an auction site for $110.00 for the original kit so sometimes it is a good thing to have kit combos. This kit of the 30cwt Chevrolet Truck is also available in Tamiya Kit 89785 LRDG Command Car & Breda 20mm AA gun.

I found a copy of the instructions from all 3 kits concerning the 30cwt Chevrolet Truck, Tamiya just included a copy of the original kit 35092 instructions in each of the kits so we know up front this is the original kit 35092. So the question comes to mind if this is the original kit from 1976 how good can it be compared to todayís standards? Pretty good actually. The details on the parts are crisp but lacking in some places, flash is minimal, mainly just the seam lines, the 2 figures could use some rework, so the kit has been retooled since 1976 at some point. The biggest problem I found concerning flash is that the holes need to be opened on the sand channel.

There are 6 sprues total, 4 for the 30cwt Chevrolet Truck, one for the MasterBox 5 figure set and one for the Z sprue from the Allied Vehicle set.

One of the sprues for the 30cwt Truck is the classic real rubber tires made in the sand patterned tread. Some have stated that the old 35092 tires fell apart after a time from the type of paint used on them and washes used. I had built this kit a few years back and all I have remaining are some parts I found in my British NA stash. One of those pieces was the spare tire, which seems to have held up well, but there are 2 companies that provide resin replacement tires. Additionally there is a PE set and 2 cargo loads and an instrument-placard set of decals available from various companies to accompany the 30 cwt Chevrolet kit.

The original kit has minimal stowage provided; Boys AT Rifle, one spare tire, 1 spare water tank, 1 wooden box, 2 Marine Sacks, 2 bed rolls, 2 water canteens, 1 helmet and 1 set of headphones. Providing extra stowage is possible but make sure you check references for the proper Theatre and times.

The additional Z sprue from the Tamiya 35229 Allied Vehicle set is a welcome addition for providing additional stowage. The kit comes with the following components;
  • 3 - 55-gallon drums
  • 5 - US and 5 German 5 gallon jerry cans
  • 3 - US packs
  • 2 - collapsible buckets folded up
  • 1 - blanket roll
  • 1 - barracks bag
  • 3 - ammunition cases
  • 1 - duffel bag
  • 3 - folder tarps

all with great details and minimal flash. This actually is one half of the original kit which provided 2 of the same sprue. The instructions for these items are on page 2 of the MasterBox MB3598 kit.

The last sprue covers the MasterBox MB3598 LRDG North Africa 5 man kit. Released around October of 2011, all 5 figures have different poses with various combinations of period clothing, with 2 talking, 2 working and digging the vehicle out of the sand and one sitting in the driverís seat. Making the additional 2 figures in the 30wt Chevrolet kit a bit of a problem because one of them is in the driverís seat and the other is manning the rear mounted machine gun.

The quality of the MasterBox kit is quite good, with minimal flash and very nice details. Additional parts included are two Thompson submachine guns that have 2 types of round detachable box magazine and 2 round detachable drum magazine of .45 cal, two Lee-Enfield rifles, two revolvers in their holsters and one Bren Light Machine gun. Instructions are provided for in the main kit.

Finally are the kit decals for the vehicle, allowing for a choice of two - Tu Tira III or Te Taniwha, and markings for either R or T (New Zealand) patrols. In the instructions it also touches on some additional camouflage painting schemes but remember to check references and period photos.

Please pay attention to the warnings in the bottom of the box covering general modeling hazards and there is also a separate warning printed in the box showing which sprue is safe to use to make the antenna.


The Tamiya 32407 L.R.D.G. Command Car North Africa (w/7 Figures) presents some interesting possibilities for vignettes and dioramas. Another great addition for anyone wanting to model the L.R.D.G. in North Africa, WWII.
Highs: Well rounded combination of kits.
Lows: As always flash removal and one driver figure needs adjusting to be used.
Verdict: Great possibilities for dioramas and vignettes.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 32407
  Suggested Retail: $46.00
  PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

Our Thanks to Tamiya, Inc.!
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Pure laziness from Tamiya. They could easily give us a new Breda gun truck, medics car, tiffy bus or a new LRDG jeep, but instead take their tired old kit, throw in a few extras from another kit and a few more from another manufacturer that most of us have already purchased, probably for less than Tamiya will charge for the new kit as well. The sad thing is, quite a few of us will probably go out and buy it anyway.
OCT 09, 2013 - 05:50 PM
Having watched Sae of Sand again a while ago, I've got to say I'm tempted. Sorry Steve, but I can't see Tamiya (or anyone else for that matter) springing £100000 to retool a kit that still sells when available, and doesn't have any competition (I can't think of any other LRDG Chevies in plastic, although maybe Riich or Mirror may do one in the future). Shame that since it's a NZ vehicle there aren't any "lemon squeezers" included. As Darren says, it's still quite a good kit. I've always wondered about the issue with the rubbery tyres, since I've never experienced it either (touch wood). Is this a climatic thing?
OCT 10, 2013 - 12:14 AM

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