GMC Fuel Truck

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About the Author

About Dave O'Meara (Grumpyoldman)

I'm rewriting this in a much more humoristic way, to help over inflate my ego, and place my self on a pedestal, because I don't have a life, and plastic models are the only thing I live for. I plead guilty as charged to excessive babble, light hearted humor, and continued encouragement to youngsters...


Really like the GMC Dave. Youve done a great conversion on the fuel tanks considering the lack of photos for the old truck.
SEP 03, 2006 - 06:47 AM
Nice job, Dave. Kevin: The brush guard was made of bar stock, not rod. I agree Dave should have thinned it a bit more, but that Heller kit needs a lot of TLC and he did a nice job. Dave: Did the louvered panels on the sides of the engine compartment come with the Fonderie kit? They look pretty sweet -- that's the one thing that bugs me most about duece kits.
SEP 03, 2006 - 09:14 AM
Oh and Kevin? It's not a review................... :-) Vinnie
SEP 03, 2006 - 12:02 PM
I agree I should have thinned the brush guards a little, I will for the next Heller kit I do. The side panels on on the hood, are the kit parts, I simply sanded them much thinner, and scraped through using the back of a #11 blade. Kevin, it's not a review, but it's 1/35. John, I'm not sure about flammable vs inflammable, as they are simply the kit decals, and the only thing I'm bringing to AMPS is Pvt Parts and my camera.... :-) :-)
SEP 03, 2006 - 03:50 PM
Hi Dave, Thanks for this one another really great build. Love it. Cheers Al
SEP 03, 2006 - 04:17 PM
Well thaanks for setting me straight. So, it is not wire, i don't believe i've ever heard of that being used. I searched a few sites and all show the wire. Many thanks then....and cheers to you and your Private Parts, Dave.
SEP 03, 2006 - 05:26 PM
Actually Kevin, they were made from a combination of FLAT BAR, and ROUND STOCK, which is a lot thicker than "wire". So the wonderfully exhorted photo etched ones fall flat in representing the flat bar, and round rod also, why even the greatest since sliced bread Tamyia kit had the round rods just about the same thickness as the flat bar, although they molded thinner and are slightly rounded on the front they are flat in the rear. The closest made are actually the resin ones from Master Productions. Perhaps the next Heller kit I do, I'll scratch build the grill and light guards, since I have a few of the Heller duce and a halves, I'm sure I'll be building a few others. This restored example has the words Flammable. So maybe he has his major investment spelt wrong also. :-) :-)
SEP 03, 2006 - 09:38 PM
Great work Dave! Nice looking build on an unusual subject. Definitely will add a lot of character to the collection!
SEP 03, 2006 - 11:29 PM
Thanks Kevin B, I'm working on the Tamyia with the CMK conversion now. It's interesting how two different manufactures tackled the same subject.
SEP 03, 2006 - 11:33 PM
Hi Dave, I like your conversion very much. I'm really wants to see how your next build will be and maybe have some pros and cons from you on both builds. As i need a lot of vehicles on my dio, i am defintely interested in one of those. Cheers Claude
SEP 05, 2006 - 01:51 PM