Basic Construct of a wall - Hunter or Hunted...

Basic Construct of a wall. - "Hunter or Hunted" ...
So how do you construct a scale walls that look like ... well look like walls. With encouragement from so many great people here at Armorama.com. I am going to try to share my method. Like most of my work the concept for "Hunter and Hunted" was first sketched out. This commissioned piece came from an idea taken from the move "Enemy at the Gate". Next that sketch had to become a 3D reality, so I need some factory walls.
I drew out on the base (3/4 inch oak plywood) the location of the walls. These wall are constructed of scrap wood I have collected over the years and tossed in a box in my work area... I think this was from the wooden crate from a chocolate Easter Egg and it is approximately 1/4 inch thick.. Using my sketch and a scale ruler, I measured, cut to length and then stapled the wood pieces together in the rough shape I wanted. Next I glued and pinned (nails fitted into pre-drilled holes) them to the base and let it dry. This could have just as easily been accomplished by using foam core board or balsawood cut to shape. Next a series of holes were then drilled into the wall and the base using a 1/4 drill bit in a standard 3/8 Drill. The holes were drill randomly and from 3/4 to 1 1/4 apart. These holes will act to give my wall coating material something to grip.

(Pic 1: Base and wood pieces staples together)

As you will notice from the drill out edges in the pictures, on this particular diorama I decide to take the feel of the cold concrete right onto the side edges of the base. This was an artistic decision, I love finished hard wood and some of my work is placed atop satin finished walnut or coco bola wood. You decide what works best for you. My only suggestion is PLEASE do not put a 40 Ton tank atop a flimsy 1/4 base - it just does not feel or look right. Moreover, with Dioramas remember you are not just building a model, you are telling a story. The "feel" and sense of the whole picture is important. Look at your diorama... its first impression will decide whether people want to look closer to all your awesome detail or move on to the next one.

(Pic 2: Holes drill into base and wall and Sewer drain Added)

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