M60A1 in the Austrian Army, 1968



I am a member of IPMS-Austria (www.ipms.at). This kit has been donated from the general distributor of Italeri Austria and I was asked to build it. The kit provides decals for an Austrian Army version.

The main question was, can this version can be built “out of the box” as promised or does anything need to be changed/added. To say it frankly, the answer is :“ an Austrian Army version cannot be built OOTB!”

It is not sufficient, as explained in the instruction, to omit the searchlight and smoke candles, paint the whole thing in Modelmaster 1712 and add the decals. The latter, which are incomplete too, represent a tactical markings which have been in use since 1973. Vehicles with such markings already had Austrian modifications mounted, especially the AEG searchlight. All these changes are not reflected in the kit.

The T142 track provided in the kit cannot be used for an Austrian M60A1. They used the T97E2 Rubber Chevron track. T142 tracks were used with the introduction of the M60A3.

But a competent modeller finds always a solution. In my case it was the fact, that Austrian M60A1 were kept in the original US configuration ( without searchlight ) between 1964-69. I simply had to find the appropriate decals and tracks from Revell’s M88. I could have used the individual tracks issued from AFV Club, but I did not want to spend much time on them.

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Nice looking M60! Its hard to get those things to look right and I think that Werner gets it pretty darn good. Was Gov. Arnold a tank driver in the Austrian Army? For some reason I read that he told some U.S. troops about his time in the Austrian Army as a M60 driver, and I have never heard that before.
APR 06, 2004 - 05:50 AM
Very interesting build you have here. Figure looks good and the Austrian markings make this M60A1 very unique. As for Arnold, he drove an M47 in the Austrian Army. I was recently looking for some armor decals, and came across this interesting site: http://www.quartermastersdepot.com/Default.asp On that site, I found something very COOL. Decals for Arnolds Austrian Army M47 !! http://www.quartermastersdepot.com/35061.asp I saw this Austrian M60A1, and I had to share this one Prost !! Alpen
APR 06, 2004 - 12:27 PM
Well at least I know that Im not crazy when I hear that Arnie was in the Army. Thanks Alpen!
APR 06, 2004 - 02:30 PM
There is proof a POLITICIAN was IN the army?!!!!!! Are we sure? When he was in the Tank, did he inhale? Has Arnie been heard saying "I have not had Tactical translations" with the vehicle? Does he have a tie that he wore in the AFV, as a signal to the tracked behemoth (this word is about the tank, NOT MONICA) that he is thinking about it? Have we had a specially convened investigative board, so as to proove or disproove any alligations of track abuse and/or harrassment? I feel that to start vicious rumours about a Govenor, californian or not, is wrong. We should remember that our own backyards aren't exactly "Lawn Doctor" perfect and should leave others alone. I, for one (or two, or three....take a number, I'll get to you in order), believe our politicians should be supported, not torn down. With all this in mind, I am appauld that we here, at armorama (if this is posted on the Richard Simmons Fan club website, I apologize), feel there is a need to gossip and cause unrest within our government. Just my $.004 (they Taxed my .02 cents so.....sorry) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) (++) :-) :-) :-) :-)
APR 06, 2004 - 10:37 PM