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Auschwitz liberation
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Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 12:46 PM UTC
Wow, the detail, the building, and painting... Excellent

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Posted: Monday, January 26, 2015 - 04:23 PM UTC
Today is the day of celebration of 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. It is important and necessary that we remember this day so that future generations can reflect on this matter so that atrocities like those that took place there, are not repeated.

70 years ago, on January 27, 1945, troops of the 60th Red Army Infantry Army, commanded by cel-General P. Kurochkin, liberated Auschwitz, the largest and most terrible death camp of the Hitler regime. In its gas chambers and crematoria were killed at least a million people. At the height of the Holocaust, in 1944, were murdered six thousand people a day. Auschwitz has become synonymous with the genocide of Jews, Roma, Sinti and many other groups persecuted by the Nazis. The world finally understood the dimensions that could get the word horror.

Soviet troops reached Auschwitz, Poland today, on the afternoon of January 27, 1945, a Saturday. Strong resistance of German soldiers caused a balance of 231 dead between the Soviets. Eight thousand prisoners were released, most in deplorable condition due to martyrdom they faced.

Auschwitz-Birkenau was established in 1940, about 60 kilometers from the Polish city of Krakow. Initially conceived as a center for political prisoners, the complex was enlarged in 1941. A year later, the SS (Schutzstaffel) established the gas chambers with highly toxic Zyklon B.

To erase the traces of the Holocaust before the arrival of the Red Army, the SS imploded the gas chambers in 1944 and evacuated most of the prisoners.

None of the historical enemies of the Jewish people, as proud and insane king Nebuchadnezzar, as Antigono Epiphanes, as General Tito, as the Emperor Hadrian or the Inquisitor Torquemada were even able to sketch something as terrifying as Auschwitz. For those who believed in the inevitability of progress, in constant ethical development of human beings, the intrinsic natural goodness of us all, Auschwitz appears as the great sphinx of the twentieth century. Showed, among other things, that despite the spectacular advances of our civilization, it was not free from such primitive regressions, able to embarrass including any barbarian chiefs of the past.

Sorry for my bad English ... I used google translator to help me.
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Wien, Austria
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Posted: Monday, January 26, 2015 - 04:48 PM UTC
Hi Rodrigo,

when you started this thread, I was not in a good physical condition (to say the least ), and so I missed it completely!

I'm glad the topic is brought up again...even if it is caused by the sad fact that it's the liberation's birthday.

I've given up to find out how people could do something like that to others.....it's enough to know it IS possible, as current horror stories unfortunately prove everyday!!

Let me congratulate you on your courage to tackle such a critical theme! You've done a great job, and the huge amount of work you've put into it is certainly not wasted!

Thanks for keeping the memory alive!!



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Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 03:22 AM UTC
Yes, it was a terrific build of a subject most wont do and many refuse to belive even today that it happened. So, it was a great build, it will always be a great build for it's story will not be denied. For those who forget are doomed to repeat!!!
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Posted: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 07:15 AM UTC
Saw your facebook posts earlier, glad that you made a note of this important anniversary.