Friday, February 13, 2015 - 05:29 AM UTC
Something different is on the way from Ammo by Mig that will help with your dioramas.
Ammo by Mig known for their paint and weathering products that go on your AFV builds has now announced something to go under your AFV’s. The new line includes different terrain mats, assorted leaves, and a couple of plants. The leaves and plants are laser cut paper. These new diorama items from Ammo by Mig look to provide new options for building a base to display your vehicles and figures.

A.MIG-8350 Stoney Steppe
A.MIG-8351 Stony Mountain Ground
A.MIG-8352 Pinewood Forest Base
A.MIG-8353 Spring Steppe
A.MIG-8354 Turfs Light Green
A.MIG-8355 Turfs Middle Green
A.MIG-8356 Turfs Small Mixture
A.MIG-8357 Autumn Turfs
A.MIG-8400 Maple – Autumn
A.MIG-8401 Oak – Autumn
A.MIG-8402 Oak – Dry Leaves
A.MIG-8403 Oak – Decaying Leaves
A.MIG-8404 Lime – Autumn
A.MIG-8405 Lime – Dry Leaves
A.MIG-8406 Birch – Autumn
A.MIG-8407 Birch – Dry Leaves
A.MIG-8408 Tropical Leaves
A.MIG-8450 Fern
A.MIG-8451 Marsh Marigold
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I´ve been using the original "Model Scene" grass mats for years. With a size of 180x280mm they are also considerably larger, but of course they lack the shiny Mig"-Logo.
FEB 15, 2015 - 06:09 PM
Is the tan mat the tallest grass matt they sell?
FEB 16, 2015 - 08:18 AM
Silfor - sells several lengths from 2mm to 6mm: LINK Chris
FEB 16, 2015 - 06:38 PM
If you look on the packaging it states licensed by Model Scene, which is a model railroad scenery company that has bee around for a while, and now have a 1/35th scale line of plants availeable. i have purchased directly from the, a number of times. They do fantastic jungle plants.
FEB 17, 2015 - 02:12 AM
I wonder how long before the turfs are available in the USA? Right now you can only get through the MIG overseas location. Shipping is WAY to expensive!!
MAR 01, 2015 - 09:30 AM
Does anyone know how many plants come in the fern package?
OCT 20, 2017 - 05:23 AM
i have the A. MIG-8450 and is 2 sheet with on every sheet 6 single sprout,4 single leaves and 1 full plants made of 10 leaves
OCT 20, 2017 - 05:48 AM
Thanks Vicious, So I am assuming there are two full ferns in the package. Take care, Don "Lakota"
OCT 22, 2017 - 04:21 AM
Yes mate but if you cut every leaves in single one you can make at least 3 plants
OCT 22, 2017 - 04:46 AM

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