Thursday, June 04, 2020 - 10:14 PM UTC
Rye Field shows images of their upcoming Sherman model with full interior. Wow!
5042 - Sherman with full interior
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6 parts per link 76 links per track set 2 track sets per tank = 912 parts, add 6 parts for every extra link you may need to make ..
JUN 06, 2020 - 03:38 AM
Might be a basis for one last IDF Sherman.
JUN 06, 2020 - 04:18 AM
Honestly all that interior is a waste of build time time when you can't see it all give me one of Tamiya's easy 8 any time I dont need all the interior I cant justify the high cost of that kit for all that[/quote] Sir, with all due respect, can you stop whining teenage about interior kits every the topic come up? RFM already release the version without interior. And as you already know, you have many options for it. Now, let other people have their option. Interior is time consuming, but it good to see a fully scaled model in all of its aspect. Assembling those is the experience. Your value is not the same other's value. Otherwise you know what? For me, your normal model is a dead shell, display piece that you might as well buy pre-assembled somewhere in a toy store. If you can't add anything interesting to the topic, please keep the words for yourself. It is my opinion, forgive me for disrespect other members here.
JUN 06, 2020 - 11:55 PM
Wow, at last! Fantastic and warmly welcome!
JUN 07, 2020 - 12:58 AM
I agree with your response 100%. While I don't think I'll be buying this kit myself, I think it's great to finally have a Sherman with full interior in plastic for those who enjoy this kind of subject. And yes, RFM does offer a version without interior, so if someone doesn't want the interior, they still have a choice. Cheers!
JUN 08, 2020 - 01:22 AM
I agree as well. It seems like people forget they don't have to buy a particular kit, especially in a case like this where the version they prefer is actually offered and was released first. Don't want an interior? Don't worry, we've got you covered. In fact, you've been covered most of the span of plastic model kit history.
JUN 08, 2020 - 04:42 AM
For some modelers (I would be one of them) the issue is not weather the interior is visible once complete but that the modeler then has been exposed to to the complete tank and can say to some extent that they now know it intimately. (No kink intended.) Even though I have spent many hours in and working on Shermans and have had the privilege once of even commanding a Sherman, I still like the idea that such a kit is available to me if I so choose. As I have already stated I am currently enjoying very much my build of a full Panther with interior. (a Takom Berge) In this case it gives me the chance to more fully experience the Bergepanther in detail even though I will probably never get to the French Museum to experience one in the flesh. And this is even after getting to tour a Panther II. In other words - different strokes for different folks!
JUN 08, 2020 - 05:23 AM
I started the empty one and here are my observations: - RFM's M4 is further with many small details than all previous Sherman offerings,, but you don’s see many of these when finished. - the surface of the rolled armour plates is quite strange, whilst only MENG and Dragon on some kits tried to depict something like that before, I am still more than happy with Tasca/Asuka and Tamiya plain surfaces in this respect, actually, the hull appearance of Tamiya still remains the benchmark for me, - the engine compartment bulkhead is new to this kit, which is pity, as the kit construction and warping of many parts would make it quite useful in the one without the interior as well as it is much more difficult to be built properly aligned than any other from the competition, - the kit is late WW2 version (gun mantlet cover, armoured exhaust deflectors, without medical kit and infantry telephone), but with the T80 track, which was quite rare then. This configuration is not even right for the Paper Doll marking in kit sans interior. For post WW2 appearance you need these two parts (at least), for the WW2 one the possibility to choose between the T66 and the T80 tracks would be nice. BTW, the Tasca/Asuka T66’s do not fit the RFM sprockets without some surgery (teeth too thick). - the interior is a new thing, I would only recommend to get the RFM only if that is someone’s direct aim, otherwise Tamiya or Tasca/Asuka still serve a much more balanced options to easily build an Easy Eight of any period and component composition.
JUN 15, 2020 - 11:02 PM
When I think of interior offered I immediately start thinking of diorama potential, burned out tank with turret blown off lying upside down next to the tank, mechanics working on a the engine, mechanics replacing the final drive as seen on vintage photos of work done on ‘hurricane’ in Normandy. Just one of these RFM kits will give me enought interior detail for atleast two and potentially 3 small dioramas ideas I’ve always wanted to do in plastic (I hate working with resin)
JUN 24, 2020 - 07:30 AM

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