Sunday, May 04, 2008 - 09:25 PM UTC
Trumpeter's U.S. Importer have sent us details of the (announced) releases for september 2008.
Unusually, three different scales are being featured as future releases - 1/35th, 1/72nd and 1/16th.

Begiinning with 1/35th:

395 - M1127 Stryker Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV)

The differences between this kit and the M1126 variant are the newly tooled 141parts on 6 sprues to reproduce the features for M1127, including 50cal. & M2407.62mm machine guns, smoke launcher & four infantry figures. Kit consists of440 parts on 15 sprues. Features:
Converted one-piece multi-slide molded lower hull, underside detailed suspension, central drive train with differentials and drive shafts, rear panel with separate ramp and crew entry doors, inside/outside latch handles, large jerry can racks, rubber tires and newly 2-directional slide molded upper hull. Also includes three sheets of photo-etch parts for the machine gun & jerry can mounts. Markings for US Army.

1/72nd Scale:

1622 : CH-47D Chinook Helicopter

Scaled down from Trumpeter's 1/35 model, this kit consists of 118 parts on 4 sprues plus left and right fuselages. Features: two-directional slide moldedfuselages, two engine cowlings, rotating rotors, detailed cockpit/instrumentpanel, open or closed position crew entry door & rear cargo ramp. Includes optional retracted or closed hitch. Markings for US Army 101stAirborne Corps Gulf War 1991 & 159thAviation Battalion 101stAirborne Division.

7253 - German FAMO 18t SdKfz.9/1 Heavy Halftrack Prime Mover with 6-ton Bilstein Crane (Early).

Kit consists of 325 parts on 10 sprues and markings for German Army. Features: newly tooled three-directional slide molded chassis frame withsuspension arm, sprocket wheels, road wheels, crane platform, rubber tires, 200 individual track links, thread for tow cable & clear sheet for windscreen.Markings for German Army.

7258 - Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. E

Kit consists of 82 parts on 4 sprues with full length vinyl tracks, roller wheels, two-directional slide molded lower hull withsuspension arm details & markings for German Army.

7259 - Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F

Kit consists of 82 parts on 5 sprues with full length vinyl tracks, roller wheels, two-directional slide-molded lower hull withsuspension arm details, slide molded gun barrel & markings for German Army.

7301 - JMSDF Landing Craft/Air Cushion (LCAC)

A larger variant of the previously-released 1/144 model, this kit consists of 338 parts on 9 sprues. Features: one-piece hull with full deck, cargo deck scupper pattern, one-piece rubber aircushion, detailed ramp, four-directional slide molded operating house, three-directional slide molded personnel cabin, detailed turbine room & large 4-bladed propeller. Includes clear parts for operating house windows and photo-etch parts for mesh. Suitable for use with 1/72 tanks (not included). Completed kit measures nearly 15" long.

Finally, a planned release I covered a year ago from Nuremberg:

911 - 1/16th Scale M16 Halftrack with Multiple-Gun

Developed for use as an anti-aircraft vehicle, over 30,000 were produced for use in WWII. Kit consists of 482 parts on 25 sprues plus cabs, compartment & cast metal chassis. Features: interior details, full drive train with enginetransmission & suspension, rubber tires & tracks, multi-directional slide molded sprocket wheel, fully detailed engine, armored front grill, metal front roller tow chain & rear tow hook. Includes four M2HB machine guns with M45 pedestal mount, M2HB machine guns, steering mechanism and photo-etch engine fan, visors, etc. Completed kit measures over 16" long.

The photographs at the side are of the 'Mock-Up' the company put together for various Trade Shows.

My thanks to Stevens International for the updates.
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7301 - JMSDF Landing Craft/Air Cushion (LCAC) in 1/72 ... thats the baby ... looks a really nice kit going by the skywave/pitroad site ... it was done in co-operation with Trumpeter ... i am really looking forward to this one
MAY 05, 2008 - 01:33 AM
I have the 1/144th scale one, which is very nice also, I wish they did one in 1/35th scale! Cheers, Christophe
MAY 05, 2008 - 02:29 AM
Famo with the 6 ton crane... sweet. I wonder if they'll release the Flak88 version, too... Any word about the 1/16 KT? I'd like to know how to plan my mortgages.
MAY 06, 2008 - 02:35 AM
It sounds like Trumpeter may have retooled key portions of its Stryker in the process of making the RV version. I'd love to see a review to see how it comes out and to see what the new parts look like.
MAY 06, 2008 - 01:56 PM

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