Sunday, November 23, 2008 - 12:56 AM UTC
The latest images from Trumpeter - this time a VERY desired subject - the T-62 in 1/35th scale.
Now the model is Officially scheduled for release in SEPTEMBER 2009, these are the first images of

00377: T-62 (Model 1972)

Details currently available are:

Kit consists of 492 parts on 17 sprues plus newly tooled lower & upper hulls, photo-etched parts, turned
aluminum gun barrel, individual track links, opening and closing engine cover, separate defender, detailed suspension, slide molded one-piece turret, metal tow
chain and markings in green camouflage.

Once again, our thanks to Trumpeter for sharing these images with Armorama/Kitmaker Network!
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Hey Jim, Do I get to do the review on this kit, when it comes out?
JUN 08, 2009 - 08:34 PM
Thanks for the update Jim. The current (2009-10) Trumpeter catalogue also lists a T-62 Mod. 1962 (kit no. 0376), and IIRC it was the box artwork for that one which you posted up in your last T-62 update. So it looks like these things are like buses: You wait ages for one, then two come at once. - Steve
JUN 08, 2009 - 09:10 PM
it would be interesting to compare it with the tamiya kit I guess. spit
JUN 08, 2009 - 09:10 PM
When you see how crisp are some parts, I just don't understand why the fuel cells piping isn't represented. It shouldn't be that hard to mold. Please come on Trumpeter, one more little effort ! Olivier
JUN 08, 2009 - 09:31 PM
I am so getting this when it comes out. New Russian Cold War armour, who would have thought! cheers
JUN 09, 2009 - 01:17 AM
I just ordered the trumpeter T62 with pe parts with individual track links from my LHS for a good price and he is having a sale promotion so I got one for cheep.I thought I would help out a LHS because the Internet stores have been putting small mom and pop stores out of business and I told them they should advertise on here but there old and don't know much about computers.And they said if I helped them I would get a free kit so why not.I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but since I bought one I thought why not help out fellow modelers an get a free kit. I might even do a review oDr something of the sort also. If it hasn't already been done. Happy Modeling William DeCicco PS: if anyone wants any info on the promotion let me know through message me.Or how ever you send mail on the this wonderful site here an it goes to my inbox thing.
JUN 08, 2011 - 04:20 PM
Where can I get the metal tracks for a soviet t-62 or ones that would look accurate. Happy modelling William DeCicco
AUG 16, 2011 - 02:25 PM
The T-62 could be seen with two different type of tracks OMSh and RMSh. OMSh are the type originally installed on the T-54/55/62 type tanks. RMSh were the type originally installed on the T-72 but remanufactured T55/62 series tanks were also outfitted with these. Trumpeter's T-62 1973 comes with RMSh type tracks and modified sprocket although the box art shows OMSh. This is actually a blessing as SKIF was the only plastic company up to now that made a sprocket designed for rebuild T-55/62 tanks and it was just about the only usable item on that kit. This Trumpeter kit has that sprocket as well as the original sprocket so if you can source a set of OMSh tracks (which Trumpeter sells seperately at a very reasonable price) you will have an extra set of RMSh tracks and proper sprockets to use on a rebuild T-55 or T-62. T-72 sprockets will not work for rebuild T-55/T-62 as the sprockets were different. R&J Enterprises has the best price for Friuls that I have seen. $30.00 a set all sets except the LVT and LWS. You want set ATL-01 (R&J FALT-01) for OMSh. Set ATL-11 (R&J FALT-11) for RMSh. LINK Roy
AUG 17, 2011 - 03:56 AM

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  • 00377-T-62boxart-Mac
  • DSC_8293
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  • DSC_8291
  • DSC_8290
  • DSC_8289
  • DSC_8288
  • DSC_8287
  • DSC_8286
  • DSC_8285
  • DSC_8280
  • DSC_82741
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