Monday, March 01, 2010 - 08:03 PM UTC
Cromwell Models have just sent us details of a New, 1/72nd scale release of one of Post-War Europe's more 'ad-hoc' designs.
The new model is a FULL, Resin kit of the French ARL 44 in 1/72nd scale.

No, I hadn't heard of it either! However, thanks to the 'miracle' of Google, some interesting details were quickly found on it:

The ARL 44 was a Post-War vehicle of which only 60 examples were built. Weighing in at an impressive 50 tons, the vehicle was armed with a modified 90mm French Naval gun. One look at it reminds one of another, better known, vehicle - the Char B whose tracks were used on the ARL 44.

By 1953, the vehicle had ben withdrawn from service (replaced by MBTs such as the M47) and scrapped.

An interesting subject nevertheless with an impressive mixture of Pre & Post War design.

Our thanks to Cromwell Models for the Update!
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hello Mr Gordon i am chung jae hwan(chung jae whan) when would you send my order? it is almost one year since i have placed my order and paid for the kits. please, reply me and send my order. the two kits 1. CHK01 110.00 CHURCHILL MK11 ARV 2. CK110 115.00 AMERICAN COUGAR MRAP IRAQ my info my address street: Poonglim-villa b room 302, 265-354, Hongeun-dong, Suhdaemoon-ku, city: seoul nation: south korea zip-code:120-100 best regards from chung [email protected] [email protected]
MAR 29, 2010 - 10:13 PM
Hello, it's the same problem for me, He took my money but I have no reply etc... I see i am not the only one and it's not normal. Sometimes, I wondered if i logde a complaint in the police.
MAR 29, 2010 - 10:28 PM
Actually it is normal for Cromwell - just do a search for "Gordon Brown" and "Cormwell" e.g. on Missing-Lynx forums... Excellent quality of products, very fast charging of credit cards and then very poor service... It's a pitty, as I would like to buy some of his products, but I'm just not going to risk becoming a member of ever growing club of pissed off Cromwell customers...
MAR 29, 2010 - 10:46 PM
Same here Pawel. I've got 4 of his 1/35th kits on my wishlist but until I'm happy that I can order them with confidence that they'll actually turn up I'm spending my cash elsewhere!
MAR 29, 2010 - 11:16 PM
Gentlemen, Please please check your mail. Thank you Gordon.
MAR 30, 2010 - 06:14 AM
Read and replied, thank you.
MAR 31, 2010 - 10:00 AM
Hi again, Gordon, it is my order which I sent to you 04.11.2009. You wrote me last time (17.02.2010) that the you will be send me replacement for the next week. So, it is 01.04 2010 and I have not kits. I wrote to you several times after this date and I have not any answer from you. Why?? I do not understand it. You are writing that we ought to be check our e-mails. They are ok, I think! How do you think I will be receive my kits or money back? B/R Leszek ORDER LESZEK VOLKMANN STR. TCZEWSKA 2/22 86-300 GRUDZIĄDZ KUJAWSKO - POMORSKIE POLAND TEL. +48603867878 E-MAIL: [email protected] I order: CK12 BRITISH A9 Cruiser MKI - 69,50 Ł CK18 BRITISH CONVENANTER MKII - 69,50 Ł CK42 BRITISH A10 CRUISER A10 - 69,50Ł CK59 AUSTRALIAN SENTINEL MKI - 69,50Ł CA118 CAVALIER CONVERSION - 25,50 Ł CF14 BRITISH TANK CREW - 18,00 Ł CF67 CROMWELL CREW - 10,50Ł Methods of payment :
MAR 31, 2010 - 09:08 PM
Read and replied, thank you.[/quote] But no response...
APR 05, 2010 - 10:25 AM
I wonder if Gordon will send me to finally these models. I am writing to him since two weeks. No answer from him. What about your promise? ( you wrote me it 06.05.2010: I will now send on the second replacement wich will include, 1 x A9 1 x A10 1 x Covenantor.) I'm still waiting for these kits. . I wrote to you a few e-mails and I have not any answer in this case. Regards, Leszek Volkmann
JUL 18, 2010 - 07:42 PM

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