Sunday, October 16, 2011 - 02:26 AM UTC
Dennis Oliver of the The Oliver Publishing Group has just sent us an update on what is coning in the next few weeks and what is in-progress for the coming months.
Beginning with the imminent Release:

Westwall: German Armour In The West, 1945

Presented in the usual A4 format, this book contains over 50 black and white archive photographs printed on high quality gloss paper. All the images are from the US National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) collection - showing captured or disabled vehicles - and are extremely clear, allowing them to be printed to a very high resolution. It's believed that many of these have never been previously reproduced and those that have feature new and often illuminating information. In addition, 21 different vehicles are depicted in the colour illustrations created by talented Chilean artist Claudio Fernandez. A potentially important link has also been developed with Fox Company Research in the US, so more of this type of book can be expected in the future.

Onto the In-Progress work:

There have been so many enquiries about the Hermann Goring In Sicily book - which is now unavailable, that, Claude Gillono, the original author, has been persauded to work on a revised and expanded edition which will cover all the German armoured units involved in that campaign.

The new book - Fortress: German Armour In The Defence Of Sicily - will contain new text, many new photographs and new illustrations, correcting some of the problems with the old book.

The future releases which were mentioned previous updates, are still on the drawing board and they are hoped to be available in the New Year. Two of which are almost complete are;

Comrade Emcha: Soviet Shermans in WW2

In this, Claude Gillono looks at the lend-lease M4 Sherman tanks that fought with the Russians in the last years of the Second World War. Featuring 6 pages of full colour artwork, black and white archive photos, tables of organisation for Soviet armoured formations, maps and text.

STUG: Assault Gun Units In The East, Operation Bagration To Berlin
As a companion volume to the popular release To The Last Bullet, this book examines the units equipped with the Sturmgeschutz III and IV during the last year of the war on the Eastern Front. With 17 pages of colour illustrations depicting over 50 different vehicles.

Our thanks to Dennis Oliver for the very complete Update!
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