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Dennis Oliver of the The Oliver Publishing Group has just sent us an update on what is coning in the next few weeks and what is in-progress for the coming months.
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Dennis Oliver, of The Oliver Publishing Group, has just sent us details of the company's latest book - on the Panzer III.
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The Firefly Collection are a series of reference books from the Australian publishing house The Oliver Collection (formerly known as Firefly Books). Here's their NEXT release.
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The Factory Publishing are to release the first of two volumes on The North Irish Horse.

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The Factory Publishing have sent us news of their planned future releases.
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The Factory Publishing are a relatively new Australian publishing house who specialize in reference books for AFVs around a specific campaign. Here's their latest.
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Back in November, we ran a report on a future title from the Australian publishing house The Factory Publishing. Now, a significant update.
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The Australian publisher, The Factory Publishing have just sent us details of one of their NEXT books.
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The Factory Publishing are an Australian publishing house who are specializing in documenting the Colors & Markings of armored vehicles. They've already had a list of new releases on their website for a while but they've just updated with more detail...
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We just had a quick note from Dennis Oliver at The Factory Publishing to say that their next book on The Hermann Goring Division in Sicily will be available soon.
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The Factory Publishing are to release two new books, one on the Panzers of the Afrika Korps in Tunisia and another on British and Indian Army Shermans in the Far East.
  • The New Breed
The Factory Publishing’s first book The New Breed which covers Shermans and M7 Priests in British Service in North Africa is finally ready.

  • The new Breed
A new book on Shermans and Priests in British Service in North Africa has been released by The Factory Publishing