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Staghound Crew
UK Staghound Crew Normandy 1944
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Nemrod have a nice range of products that have appeared in the news on this site quite often, but this I believe, is a first look at some of their figures, and this is also my first look at their British figures. The new Staghound kits produced a raft of AM products, and amongst those are these 2 British Crewmen worthy of a mention.

The Set

Nemrod figures come in a large dark blue box. On the front is a colour picture of the contents which should aid painting (see below) and on the reverse, in several languages, is a brief outline about gluing and painting the figure with a warning that they are not for children under 14, so I should be OK there. The figures come packed in a plastic zip bag. The box is exceedingly large considering the contents and the figures tend to rattle around inside, but no damage was sustained in their journey.

This set provides 2 figures suitable for the Staghound Armoured Car although they may well suit any double hatched armoured vehicle. You get a commander reading from a map and a radio operator. There was no sign of any air bubbles or defects in the excellent casting.

The Radio Operator:

This figure, I am pleased to say, is a full figure in a standing position and comes in 5 parts; the body which is cast as whole and includes part of the right arm, the left arm, 2nd part of the right arm, head and pistol holster.

The figure is dressed in a pair of light weight summer denim overalls. These have excellent detail and would appear to be correct with the required number of pockets present and shown in the correct place. The overalls are open at the neck and the sleeves shown part way rolled up. Around the waist is a 37 pattern belt holding 2 small ammo pouches, or an ammo pouch and a compass pouch if you prefer. The brasses are well depicted on the front of the belt, but no buckles appear on the rear. I believe it was practice in some units to remove these as they tended to catch on bits of internal equipment, (makes sense to me anyway). To complete the figure, it is shown wearing anklets and ammo boots, both of which have good detail. A pistol holster is provided that looks to be a good representation of the equipment. The right arm part of which is attached to the body is at a 90% angle sitting just above the front of the 37 pattern belt. The body proportions of the figure look very good.

The left arm and right hand come as separate items. The left arm is designed to rest at right angles on top of the vehicle hatch. The right hand holds a microphone and again both items are really well sculpted.

The head, also a separate item, has very sharp facial detail showing the face of a mature soldier. It is wearing a tankers beret complete with cap badge and a nice pair of earphones.
This is an excellently detailed figure.

The Commander:

The second figure is the commander. Again a full figure, he is designed to be seated on the open turret hatch of the vehicle. The body is cast as a whole with the head, left and right arms attached. The head is again very well depicted, showing the face of a mature and somewhat serious looking officer as he studies the map. The detail is excellent and on top of his head is a tankers beret complete with cap badge.

Dress is 37/40 Battle Dress with the pleated pockets, the BD is sculpted open to the waist. Underneath is an officers shirt, the collar of which is also open and just visible beneath the BD. The BD sleeves are rolled part way up both arms. Around the waist is a 37 pattern belt, again with 2 small pouches. The DB hangs over the belt at the back and partially over the brasses at the front. The body is finished off with a pair of anklets and ammo boots. This figure also has good body proportions and shape.

His right lower arm and left wrist and hand come as separate items and are very well done. For equipment he is also provided with a suitable pistol holster and a map board.
Another excellently detailed figure.


These are two really cracking figures to adorn your Staghound, both having the much sought after orders of dress. The radio operator is expertly done in denims and the commander in an open fronted BD with the sleeves rolled up. There is none of that parade ground look about these two.

I cant fault the detail or the proportions of the figures. They should be useable on a variety of vehicles from Tanks to Armoured Cars and the commander in BD could be used in any vehicle or situation I believe. Im so pleased to see sculptors moving away from that parade ground look that for far too long was applied to Commonwealth troops. Both these chaps have a good soldierly look about them.

A note on the box picture; the radio operator is shown in blue coveralls, these I believe should be the colour of the light weight summer denim overall and not light blue.

In a stand alone vehicle or a diorama these two will add a little extra to your vehicle. These figures would also be useable in the Italian campaign.
Highs: Two 1st class figures, excellent casting and detail with much sought after order of dress. Useable across a range of vehicles.
Lows: None that I could think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: N35074
  PUBLISHED: Apr 26, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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Hi Alan, Thanks for the review. Having not got up close and personal with any Nemrod figures, how do these figures compare in size to similar offerings by other companies? Rudi
APR 26, 2009 - 12:04 PM
Hey Al, Interesting review !! Just like Rudi says, I also don't have much knowledge of Nemrod figures. Any chance of posting some comparison pictures of the figures next to say Resicast, Ultracast, Hornet, etc..... ?? Cheers jjumbo
APR 26, 2009 - 07:36 PM
Their French tank crew figures are on the larger side, but I haven't got one handy to measure at the moment. DAvid
APR 27, 2009 - 06:09 AM
Hi Rudi, John and David, Sorry for the delay in replying I had the carpet fitters in so everything had to get boxed up and moved again!! Did a quick shoulder to shoulder with Ultracast, Resicast and the Accurate Armour figures I have, and they appear fit well. When I get a moment I'll clean up the figure and build them and do some more comparisons. These chaps look good, full bodied as you can see in the pics. Al
APR 27, 2009 - 07:48 AM

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