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This is the part of the News Editor's job I really like - giving advance news of work-in-progress. This is doubly enjoyable when we're mentioning figures which have been high on many 'wishlists' for years.
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Some new figures from Master Box Ltd including a set entitled "Scotland the Brave" showing members of the Highland Division advancing to the sound of the pipes.
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It's becoming very habitual now, with Masterbox sending us images of sets which are 'in-process'. Here are some images of a some VERY animated figures which will be hitting the stores in the next month or two.
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It's pretty much unanimous that Masterbox Limited are producing some of the most imaginative figure sets on the market. Once again, thanks to the company, we're able to bring you a Preview of a work in Process - Secret Item # 3538 on their website.
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Some of the items in this News item were previously covered in another report, however, some are for imminent release and others are in the preparation stage. The next few months are going to see some very exciting releases from Masterbox, in this photo-report we're going to give you some pointers as to what to expect...
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Masterbox have released the Artwork and some photos for two new forthcoming figure sets.
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We've just been sent some very special images by the Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox
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The Ukrainian manufacturer, MasterBox Ltd will shortly be releasing six new, 1/35th scale figure sets. here's a report on what to expect...
As any regular user of the News Section will realize, Masterbox Ltd. is a company which gets a reasonable amount of coverage. However, after my recent conversations with the company and the opportunity to see their NEXT releases, there are some extraordinary sets coming from them in the coming months...
A constant (and frequently correct) criticism of many 1/35th scale figure releases, is the 'static' nature of the poses. Now, the Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox Ltd. have announced three new, 1/35th scale, styrene figure sets which aim to provide a little more 'movement' into the available figures...
Master Box Ltd have recently announced the imminent release of a number of 1/35 scale plastic injection mould figure kits. Included are no less than three US Army ETO figure sets!
The Ukrainian kit manufacturer, MasterBox Limited have just sent us images of their next release
News just in from Mr. Alex Surzhenko, Director of Master Box Limited, of two new 1/35 scale kit releases to hit the kit market, one very soon, one in about a month's time (if all goes well with the process, he says.)
A few months ago, we ran the story of what was to many, a new company - MaaterBox Ltd. Since then there have been a number of reviews and features of their products. We are now able to bring you news of yet another release from this interesting company...
Master Box Ltd. is a new manufacturer in 1/35th scale. Based in the Ukraine, the company has a small but (very interesting) range of vehicle kits in 1/35th scale...