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Masterbox have undoubtedly established themselves as one of the top manufacturers for innovation and variation. Here's another.
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Masterbox have just sent us a series of images of their latest W.i.P. This set should have been done years ago (considering the interest in the subject). but, as is often said, some things are worth waiting for!.

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Masterbox Ltd. have just sent us images of yet another different approach by the company. Once again, it's in-progress so no dates can be provided at this time.
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While others constantly regurgitate and re-vamp the modeling 'standards' (sorry, re-release) there are (fortunately) a series of companies at the vanguard with new ideas and an ability to take new directions. Amongst this elite group are the Ukrainian manufacturer, Masterbox..
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A week or so ago, we ran a Report on a W.I.P. from Masterbox of the first of the company's New 'theme' - Infantry in the Western Desert. Now, another set from the company - German Afrika Korps Innfantry.
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A little bit of a surprise coming here in this New WiP from Masterbox Ltd. Previously, we've seen some highly-animated figures from the company, I doubt we've ever been able to present figures of such a level of animation...
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Masterbox Ltd. have just mailed us with details of two completely New figure sets which will be available shortly.
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Masterbox have just sent us details of the third of their Modern Figure Sets along with an invitation to the Site-Users of Kitmaker Network
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Although these have been discussed at length within the forums, these two New figure sets from Masterbox have not been covered here in the News Section.
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Masterbox Ltd have just sent us a series of images of yet another innovative approach to figure sets.
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Masterbox Ltd. have just sent us a series of images which mark a VERY different departure for the Injection-Moulded figure manufacturers.
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Some New images, courtesy of Masterbox Ltd. of another of their interesting WIPs.This time a variation on a theme we showcased a week or two ago...
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Masterbox Ltd. have sent us images of another of the company's WiPs this time with a bovine feel to it.
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Masterbox Ltd. have sent us images of the finished figures of their first (1/35th scale) set covering a very different period and subject area.
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Another in our continuing series showing WiPs from Masterbox Ltd.
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Here are the latest Masterbox Figure Sets which should be arriving at a LHS near you soon..
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Here are the first images of a NEW W.I.P. from Masterbox. Ltd.
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Masterbox Ltd have just sent us images of a work in progress set which is sure to be a popular with Allied modelers - British Infantry in action North Africa, 1941-43.

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MasterBox Ltd have just sent us images of what will be a first in 1/35th scale injection.moulded figures.
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Masterbox, by way of a postscript, have sent us details of a New range of figures which was previously featured here.
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It's been a while, but here's an interesting update straight off the presses - courtesy of Masterbox
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In the second of today's WIPs, this time a VERY significant (future) Release from Masterbox Ltd.
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By way of an 'advance' here are images of Masterbox Ltd.'s first figure set of Japanese Infantry in 1/35th scale.
In my conversations with Masterbox Ltd. at the Nuremberg Trade Fair. The subject of 1/35th Gliders came up. Here's the 'official' word:
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Once again, we're able to present another Work-in-progress from Masterbox Ltd.. This time, a set of figures which are sorely lacking in the current catalogues.
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Masterbox Ltd., have, once again, provided us with images of their WIPs. This time, two models which have been featuring on their site for a while.
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Once again, Masterbox Ltd. give us a glimpse into a completely new set in its initial stages.
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Another in our Work-in-Progress series of Photo-reports. Once again, Masterbox Ltd. share photos of a New figure set.
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Inevitably, one of first visits to a manufacturer at Nuremberg is to Masterbox Ltd.. In the times i've been going to the show and the help they've given the Network, it's inevitable that a good relationship has developed.
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Masterbox Ltd. have now published images of a set which should be available in the next month or so.
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No, it's got little to do with Armor and even less to do with the 'usual' 1/35th scale figure subjects but I make no apology for posting this news report of a very exciting departure from Masterbox. Ltd.
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Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to simply have posted this on the Network's figure site Historicus Forma, but as an interesting example of WIP its something that should get maximum coverage.
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In a very interesting change of direction (and time-frame), Masterbox Ltd. have sent us some images of a what may (or may not) be the beginning of a new range of figures.
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A few months ago, we were given a large number of images of a major WIP from Masterbox Ltd - their French Resistance set. Now, we can share the images of the figures as they'll look in the first mouldings.
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Masterbox Ltd. have just come back from their well-earned vacations with a series of updates which they have once again shared with this Network.
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Masterbox are showing updated images of some of their German figure sets.
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Masterbox are showing updated images of their British Para Sets.
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Masterbox have announced a set of German Tankmen.
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Masterbox Ltd. have just sent us a sneak preview of their future kit release Motorcycle Repair.
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Masterbox Ltd. have just mailed me to say that their BMW R75 Motorcycle is now beginning production.
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Masterbox Ltd. have just sent us the latest update on their new range of figures. Following on from the previous W.I.P.s of U.S. Navy WAVES, the attention now turns to female Luftwaffe personnel...
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Masterbox Ltd. have just given this Network another glimpse into their W.I.P.s which is connected with news of an interesting (future) range of figure sets from the company.
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Three new figure sets have now been confirmed by the Ukrainain manufacturer, Masterbox Ltd.
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In a move that will surprise many, Masterbox Ltd. have just announced that they'll be producing one of the most sought-after vehicles in model form.
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The other day, we published CAD images of Masterbox's German M/C in 1/35th scale. Now, in 'part # 2', we present images of another WIP - the crew figures.
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A few months ago, Masterbox Ltd. were kind enough to share images of a major WIP - their BMW Motorcycle in 1/35th scale. Now, we have been sent more images of what the final model is going to look like...
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Two releases, from MasterBox Ltd. which we featured as 'WIPs' are now getting close to release.
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A couple of weeks ago, I ran an Image report on WIP (Work-in-Progress) of a future set from Masterbox Ltd.. Now, dealing with the same set, we bring an update along with some real kudos for those who participate regularly in the Forums..
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Another of our regular updates on the WIP (Work-in-Progress) by Masterbox Ltd..
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Masterbox Limited is a company, who are getting a lot of very deserved coverage on this (and other) sites. Once again, at this year's Nuremberg Trade Fair, I had a chance to speak to them..