Monday, July 14, 2008 - 10:21 AM UTC
Masterbox Ltd. have just sent us a sneak preview of their future kit release Motorcycle Repair.
The kit contains four mechanic figures working on a disassembled motorcycle combination. There are other motorcyle kits but Masterbox say this is the first kit to offer a disassembled bike, which I think means that the production kit will show the details we ought to see on the loose parts and not just the the usual kit attachment tabs.

The four mechanics show a lot of character. I particularly like the seated pipe smoker in shorts and jackboots. He looks as though he might be saying : "You know you're doing that all wrong"
-There's one like him in every work crew.

This kit has all the ingredients for a nice vignette, but I think any modeler could get a lot of milage out of the figures as artllery men or field cooks etc.

These are preproduction figures and as yet there is no word of a release date so watch this space

thanks to Alexander at Masterbox Ltd. for sharing these images with the Kitmaker Network.
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Got to give MB credit for breaking away from the norm. A nice variety in poses.Their other recent batches were well sculpted and produced too. They're definitely giving old DML a run for their money. Thanks for highlighting this one Pat.
JUL 14, 2008 - 07:01 PM
Looks like I had a hunch writing a passage on cleaning pin marks on the bike. Now, not only we'll be getting a crew, but repairmen too. This begs for a diorama, I'd say., without the need to use any "heavy metal" stuff.
JUL 14, 2008 - 07:06 PM
Hi Pat There appears to be two versions of this news item posted but I can only find this one now so if posting my comments here is seen as a double post, sorry but I can't find the other thread. Let me say straight away that this along with their other releases look really good. Certainly Masterbox seem to be finding a rich vein of potential mini dioramas that others don't bother with. I also thank them for supplying Armorama with advance details of their releases and how they welcome feedback to ensure they bring a product to market we all want to buy. The figures the animation looks really good and I can see potential for these not only as depicted but in many other scenarios. I have to say, at it was brought home in the recent review by Marcin Ciszewicz, that the fact the tyres do not have any tread detail on the centre of them is really bad. I'd have almost accepted it 30 years ago, but even then Tamiya and Italeri managed it so why not Masterbox now. Unless I can source some after-market tyres made for these sets or get the inclination to try and make the Tamiya or Italeri ones to fit I won't be bothering, and I was really looking forward to replacing the old ones with something more up to date. I feel it's a big mistake on Masterbox's part to fall short on detail in this area. Hope it gets changed real soon. Alan
JUL 14, 2008 - 10:35 PM
a couple of minor (maybe) things: the tire/wheel laying loose doesn't appear to have any detail at all on the hub/brake area. the levers still being attached to the gas tank seem odd. while I am more familiar with Harley Davidson I'm pretty sure HD/Indian tank shifters pivoted elsewhere than the tank. the shift lever protruded thru a gate plate, bracket whatever you want to call it, that was attached to the tank. (I will verify later today in my shop manuals) maybe BMW/Zundapp is different. the grab handle between the seats looks a bit thick as well. other than that I am glad the 2 wheelers and 2 wheelers with a sidehack are getting some attention.
JUL 15, 2008 - 12:17 AM
Hi For those interested in some more information on the Bemmer.... Alan
JUL 15, 2008 - 10:50 AM
Once again, this company is really inspired. I cannot help but think that they have gonea long way from the time the only BMW/ side car were the 1970s era Tamiya and Italeri offerings. I recently made their "German captives, 1944" set and I was impressed by the fact that the figures conver very well movement. Their heads are also well sculpted especially bare headed figures.
JUL 18, 2008 - 07:12 PM

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