Wednesday, August 04, 2010 - 04:51 AM UTC
Masterbox have just sent us details of the third of their Modern Figure Sets along with an invitation to the Site-Users of Kitmaker Network
The new set, which is W.i.P. is titled (provisionally) :

3591: US Checkpoint in Iraq

Now, the current state of play of this set is as follows. This is a W.i.P. so many details are STILL to be finalized. To assist in this process, the designer of the set has invited any commments about the set - any areas which need attention such as equipment, uniform details etc. Your suggestions are strongly welcomed!

Masterbox have frequently, in the past, expressed their gratitude for asisstance from this Network. Here's another opportunity to get the kind of Figure Sets YOU need!
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Hi, New modern figures are always welcome, as Jim has asked for comments I'll post a few. 1. The soldier with the M14 will hit nothing, no point in having the figure 'adjusting' the sight for windage, range yes windage no. The photograph is a moment in time and the figure could have a slightly different pose. Weapon in shoulder for correct sight picture, but the weapon should be the SCAR L. 2. Body Armour is too loose, this is worn tigh on the body so you can run wearing it, if it flaps round it reduces the effectiveness of the trauma plates. 3. Helmets are too high on the head or are too large. 4. Knee pads ditto everyones comments, but you could have them round an ankle, when not engaging in CQB or on a firefight they get pushed down to the ankle. 5. Ditto radio kit, and weapon add-ons. Maybe have one of the figures with binoculars and radio it would complement the sharpshooter, A team leader reporting something and the sharpshooter covering, although if the sharpshooter is covering everyoen else would be 'ready'. Just my input, but bottom line a good set of figures WILL get my money. So please Masterbox please read and take on our comments I am sure you might even get input from serving troops. Regards Brian
AUG 04, 2010 - 10:53 AM
yepp, knee pads, helmets, weapons (except for the m14 or whatever that sniper rifle is) and comm equipment would need to be redone. btw. I don't want to sound offensive, or incriminating, but I think those weapons do look pretty similar to some dragon (m4) and trumpeter(m16 and m249) parts. in case those are copies, why don't you use the more accurate new trumpeter sets, or the afv club/hobby fan releases? as for the body armor, I don't think those look too loose, more too thick overall and too tight around the neck... if you have a look at the reference photo it clearly shows that the collars being way wider than in the set (also in hot countries like Iraq and Afghanistan I think most soldiers wouldn't bottom up everything in order to keep cool ) so wilst the IBA's should be a little smaller/tighter the collars should definitely sit a little more loose... in my opinion the main issue with the kit, since everything else could be changed pretty easily, while there's no replacement for those IBA's... other than that I think this is going to be a must have set, I recon it's the first modern plastic figure set showing slightly sagged pants with side pockets, which I think is a real innovation! Cheers, Max
AUG 05, 2010 - 12:09 AM
Yep aii good things come to those that wait, additions sunglasses,side arms, gloves plus all the other goodies previously mentioned
AUG 05, 2010 - 12:58 AM
I just got the first Iraq sets from Master Box, so my comments apply to them also: - the weapons of the kit would be perfect if they were "full and solid". In the first sets they are given without the grips (in order to have a "perfect" contact/touch in the hands) so they are almost useless away from the figures(i.e. they cannot be used as "accessories" on a vehicle etc.) - this applies to all the "accessories". they should be made in a way that they could be used away from the figures on vehicles, dioramas etc. - I agree that a cooperation with Trumpeter would be great because their newest M-16/M-4 weapons are perfect. Stavros Soulis (IPMS Hellas 228) Athens, Greece
AUG 05, 2010 - 06:51 PM
It'll be nice if MasterBox or another plastic company starts making modern Special Ops 4-man teams again instead of just conventional U.S. soldiers. Seems like lots of resin companies are making the M4 and M-14 riflemen. Ever since DML stopped making modern figures with their "Modern Marines," no other plastic company has taken the torch or could compete with DML, which I find interesting since the only real competition is from resin makers now. After all, the DML 1993 Delta Force "Somalia" is the only 4-man plastic Delta Force kit out there and those figures wear outdated "Ranger Body Armor." Suprising that no plastic company has made an updated set, especially what with all the available references, movies, books, dolls, video games, graphics, and action figures out there of these SOF units.
AUG 07, 2010 - 06:30 PM
Think having the figures wearing the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) would be more suitable, as shown in the actual photo instead of what looks like the older woodland camo Interceptor body armor. HobbyFan seem to be the first manufacturer producing figures wearing the IOTV
AUG 09, 2010 - 04:36 AM
They appear to be wearing IOTVs to me. The front of the vest is a narrower, solid piece without a flap like the IBAs had.
AUG 09, 2010 - 07:15 AM
I'm fairly certain that the WIP figures are wearing the older IBA and not the IOTV. The rear of the body armor is definitely not the IOTV as it doesn't have the PALS webbing up to the SAPI flap and also the casualty drag strap on the IOTV is different to the IBA. The front is kind of vague as it sort of resembles the IOTV but not enough details can be seen. As they said, it's a WIP so hopefully they'll get it right when it goes into production
AUG 09, 2010 - 06:02 PM
The backs do look more like IBAs. We'll see how they look when they hit the market. Either way, they look better than any other modern plastic figure set out there.
AUG 10, 2010 - 12:21 AM

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