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An announcement by LionRoar has a new detail set on the way for the way for the Japanese main battle tank.
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According to Dragon Models USA there is some more Lion Roar detail on the way, this time for a Humvee and SPG.
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A second announcement from Lion Roar this month, and this time you will be able to pimp your ride, if you prefer a Humvee.
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A great looking update for an Anti-Aircraft vehicle on tracks from Lion Roar. And I must say it is impressive looking.
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Lion Roar will be releasing a photo etched set for Broncoís Buffalo 6x6 MPCV in the next 3 - 4 weeks, so if you like adding etched parts to your models take a look inside.
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There is a new light tank on the market, and LionRoar has just the detail set to bring it to the next level.
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Lion Roar Stockist The Airbrush Company send us news of an upcoming Photo Etch Upgrade Set for an ever popular subject, the 1/35 Tiger I tank.

LAS35017 WWII German Tiger I Late Version for Dragon £35.99

Not a cheap PE set by any measure, and offering fenders, engine grilles, exhaust covers, and various other small details and accessories. Along with Squadron's new release on the Tiger it looks to be a good month for Tiger fans.
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Alex Medwell, of The Airbrush Company Ltd (who import and distribute LionRoar's products into the U.K.) has helpfully sent us images of the company's latest Update set in 1/35th scale.
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Courtesy of Airbrushes.com comes news of New 1/35 Scale Metal Barrels from LionRoar made with new tooling.

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LionRoar have announced a series of interesting releases for a variety of vehicles and figures in 1/35th scale.
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Lionroar have announced two useful new accesory sets in 1/35th scale.
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We've been provided with images of a VERY welcome release from the Chinese manufacturer, LionRoar Model Arts Co. - another FULL 1/35th scale kit.
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Reported here a while back, we can now show full images of these new releases.
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Tamiya's recent (and welcome) issue of a new-tooling of the Opel Blitz has inevitably encouraged the AM manufacturers to add their products to the kit. Here's the offering from LionRoar
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It's only just appearing in the retail outlets and already the AM manufacturers are rubbing their hands at the spin-offs. First out of the starting gate is LionRoar.
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LionRoar have a reputation for producing very comprehensive etch sets, well here are a few of their more basic offerings

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LionRoar have announced some new detail sets for JGDSF vehicles.
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The last few months have seen the first moves from LionRoar into injection-moulded kits. Here are the latest:
  • LR_FLAK43_007
LionRoar began a few months ago with a limited range of COMPLETE (multimedia) kits in 1/35th scale. Here's their latest.
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I've been aware of these releases for a while now but since the company website wasn't very helpful in downloading the images, i've finally found another source for them... As they say though, better late than never and there are some items which were definitely worth the wait!
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The Chinese AfterMarket company, LionRoar, has just announced a series of interesting (an innovative) update sets in 1/35th scale:
The AM company LionRoar have just announced three new releases in 1/35th scale. The first of them raises the queston as to whether or not the first Photo-Etch kit has now arrived...
The Shanghai-based AfterMarket (AM) manufacturer LionRoar continues apace with some very interesting (and versatile) new releases:
The Chinese AM company, LionRoar continues to bring some interesting AM releases for a variety of subjects...
LionRoar have just announced two new 1/35th scale releases:
The Shanghai-based AfterMarket company LionRoar, have announced two new releases. The first is undoubtedly their most spectacular and largest update set yet...
Mentioned in the forums, now a complete rundown of the complete list of releases from the Shanghai-based AM manufacturer, Lionroar
The Shanghai-based AM company, LionRoar has three new update sets available now, two in 1/35th scale and one in 1/48th scale...
The following new releases can be expected from Lion Roar in October 2005.