Tuesday, November 18, 2008 - 08:20 PM UTC
More W.I.P. from Trumpeter - this time some images of their ASLAV-25.
These are images of Trumpeter's model of:

00392: ASLAV-25

The model is scheduled for release at the beginning of 2009.

In a slight change to our usual format, and an opportunity to participate in the 'process', this time the company are requesting YOUR comments on areas which could do with some 'tweaking'.

As always, our thanks to Trumpeter for the images!
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Amen to that.......but not Sabre Sqn...that's reserved for tanks........it'll be Recce.
NOV 19, 2008 - 07:27 AM
I'm no expert in Aussie armor, but I'm going to want one of these when they come out. Looks pretty good. I have a couple of Trump LAVs already; they are nice kits, fun to build, not over-engineered at all. I hope the tires are correct. ASLAVs have big, chunky tires, I know that much. A spare Aussie tire would be a nice touch. Also, some Aussie stowage would be great, if Trumpeter could throw some in. It's not available anywhere in the aftermarket, as far as I know. The decal sheet isn't shown here, but an Aussie flag for the antenna would be a big plus. I love antenna flags. In any case, there has never been a modern Australian vehicle produced in 1/35th scale prior to this, as far as I know, which is inexplicable, considering that country's important role in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, and the Solomons, so this kit is very welcome. Let's hope there will be more to come. Bring out your best!
NOV 19, 2008 - 07:42 AM
Amen to that.......but not Sabre Sqn...that's reserved for tanks........it'll be Recce.[/quote] Ahh, JaBo, you're dating yourself. Coyotes without the mast/recce suite were tagged as Sabre Sqn vehs. Of course, lets hope those days are gone for good with the Leo 2 purchase. Wonder if trump will do a Recce Coyote? Mast would not be *that* difficult. New rear deck / ramp..hmmm... Well, I don't want to steal all the Diggers' thunder - this is an ASLAV thread afterall.
NOV 19, 2008 - 08:43 AM
Sorry...yes, that is correct....some of the Direct Fire Support Versions without the mast were/are part of the Sabre Squadron ORBATs. The RCD and 12 RBC would likely still be set up that way but with all the Coyotes for Recce. With the Direct Fire Support Squadron concept essentially gone hopefully the Coyotes will just be kept for Recce. The Infantry Recce Platoon Coyotes also did not have the mast. I think a Coyote is totally possible from the base ASLAV 25. It would have been nice to see this ASLAV 25 kit with the options to change the external set up to a Phase 1, Phase 2, or Phase 3 ASLAV 25.
NOV 19, 2008 - 02:04 PM
The jerry can looks too flat to me. But, I don't know a damn thing about aussie armor.
NOV 19, 2008 - 05:24 PM
Improvements to be made to the main gun collar... there's a distinct weld line and step between the cylinder and conical parts. Take a close look at real examples. The first Trump Lav kit has this simplified, so if you want improvements... What about the missing detail on the right side of the gun (shell ejection ports?), partly obscured by the turret sides, but still visible. This is glaringly missing on the original LAV kit, would be great if it's improved. As for the side mirrors, I'm not sure if the photos showed this well, it looked like all smooth surface on the mirrored side, which shouldn't be... The side mirrors should be exactly the same as those fitted on Humvees and Strykers... Check out Tamiya M1025 kit and AFV Club's Strykers... Heck, Trump has their own Strykers, are those done well?? It should be a two-part mirror. The top half taller than the lower half... Cheers, Lawrence
NOV 19, 2008 - 08:00 PM
The detail on the right side of the gun had improved, The turret and gun retooling .
NOV 20, 2008 - 01:16 PM
Well done Trumpeter for trying to get this right. Few things I Spotted. 1) Wheel Hubs. - Tyres are good however the wheel hubs look strange. The centre hub should be reccessed more than the wheel rim. 2) Sight heads - This is a Phase 3 ASLAV. The commanders sight head (Right Hand Side) should be the same as the gunners. Also both sights have a small square plate on the turret roof on the Left hand side in front of them. The commanders side has a large 'pad' in front of the sight on the turret roof. 3) Turret Hatch hinges - On phase 3 the turret hatches can lock in three postiotions. The hinge mechanism should sit as high as the periscopes to allow the hatches to fold back flat. You have Phase 2 hatches on a Phase 3. 4) Turret grab rails - the ones forward of each crew position. The Commanders should not be the as long as the gunners. 5) Exhaust - Looks good. However the pipe seems too thin, and is cut off on the wrong angle. 6) Mirrors - The Right hand side mirror 'stalk' should be longer than the left. So that mirror sticks out further from the hull. 7) Mantlet Bag. As already stated, the mantlet should have a plastic cover on it. Bilge pumps. There should be 2 bilge pump outlets on the hull above the exhaust pipe. It seems you have cast only one. Ill post some pics to explain if neccassary. After saying that, please dont delay this any longer to fix the tiny stuff! Just have a look at the wheel hubs and get it out there! As it sits now looks fantastic! Well done on including the spare tyre and carrier. I hope it comes with all that PE out of the box. Ill buy a few of these. I can wait until companies start turning out bar armour for it!
NOV 20, 2008 - 02:18 PM
i want this one, i want, i want, i want!!!!! and aslav pc, canadian coyote, canadian bison, and urutu, condor,vm 90 why not? Please mister trumpeteer! please!
NOV 22, 2008 - 08:37 PM

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