Tuesday, February 03, 2009 - 08:34 PM UTC
AFV Club have just sent us images of many of the items which we can expect to see during 2009.
As far as I know, AFV Club won't be present at this year's Nuremberg Trade Fair, but will certainly be represented. This then, is effectively the company's Show Releases.

Two things are obvious. Firstly, that they are doing their best to encompass as many interests as possible. Modern & WWII modelers should be well served during the course of the year. They are also, which may just give this sector a boost, supporting 1/48th scale. As effectively, we only (at the moment) have one manufacturer investing in this scale, AFV Club seem to be keen to enter strongly into this sector.

Both the Allied and Axis WWII enthusiasts should be happy with the 1/35th scale releases which are announced here.

AFV Club: Modern (1/35th Scale) Releases

AF35134 - M1134 Stryker ATGM

AF35168 - Track Links for German Schutzenpanzer Marder

AFV Club: WWII (1/35th Scale) Releases

AF35138 - 38cm RW6-1 L/5.4 Assault Rocket for Sturmtiger

AF35143 - T34/76 (Model 1942) - as far as i'm aware, this will come with FULL interior detail...

AF35S50 - Sd.Kfz 251/3 Ausf. C

AF35161 - M5a1 (Late Type)

AF35167 - Churchill Mk.3 AVRE This was covered here recently in a FULL photo-report.

AFV Club: WWII (1/48th Scale) Releases

AF48006 - Sturmtiger

Finally, from AFV Club's sister company, HobbyFan, the first of their figure releases with:

HF590 - British Infantry Tank Riders

Our thanks to AFV Club for sending us the images!
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What really caught my eye was the T-34 boxart, which shows Polish markings. Hmmm. Not that I need another T-34 in the stash, mind you. -YL
FEB 04, 2009 - 10:33 AM
The T-34 isn't really a new item for Nurnberg, it's been on PMMS for ages.
FEB 04, 2009 - 10:40 AM
The T-34, the Churchill and the Brit tank riders all look tempting
FEB 04, 2009 - 10:42 AM
Who? The British or the figure manufacturers ?? BR / Robin[/quote]
FEB 05, 2009 - 03:42 AM
For those that can't wait, the HobbyBoss 1/48 T34 series is pretty sweet - and cheap. I paid 20$, and got a full interior and 1/35 scale detail. If you can overlook the odd fit issues and the crummy tracks it's more than worth it, if you want a T34 with a full interior.
FEB 05, 2009 - 03:57 AM
Another AT Stryker, just after Trump have released theirs...I was hoping for one of the other versions.
FEB 05, 2009 - 11:34 PM
Any new set of British figures is welcome even if the bren gunner (as mentioned above) doesn't quite seem to go with the other three. A welcome release none the less. Paul
FEB 07, 2009 - 03:33 AM
In this case at least it has nothing to do with the fact that they are British. All of HobbyFan's figures have always had goofy faces, even the Germans look like Gomer Pile.
FEB 07, 2009 - 04:09 AM
Some nice offerings especially the M5 and the British figures. Thanks AFV !!!
FEB 09, 2009 - 01:09 AM

Click image to enlarge
  • AF35134
  • AF35134c
  • AF35134b
  • AF35134a
  • AF35168
  • AF35139
  • AF35143
  • AF35S50-1
  • AF35161
  • AF35167
  • AF48006
  • HF590
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