Monday, December 06, 2010 - 04:16 AM UTC
Trumpeter have very kindly sent us their 2011/12 Catalogue. After 15 days or so of downloading it, we can draw the curtains on what promises to be very good news for Armor modelers - particularly for the Modern enthusiast.
I'll begin with the 'big' stuff, 1/16th scale:

0910 - Sd.Kfz 182 King Tiger (2 in 1)

0915 - Soviet SU-100

Onto 1/35th scale. I'll seperate WWII and Modern: beginning with the former:

01565 - Soviet KV-8

01577 - PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. E/F

02315 - Soviet 152mm ML-20 Howitzer M1937

02316 - Soviet 122mm Corps Gun M1931 (A-19)

02317 - German 12.8cm K44 (Krupp)

05540 - Soviet Heavy Tractor 'Komintern'


01007 - M1083 FMTV Standard Cargo Truck

01008 - M1083 FMTV Armored Cab

01009 - M1083 LMTV Armored Cab

01010 - LMTV Trailer

01011 - MTVR Mk.23 Cargo Truck

01501 - Canadian Cougar 6 X 6 APC

01502 - Canadian Grizzly 6 X 6 APC

01503 - Canadian Husky 6 X 6 APC (Improved version)

01512 - M1129 Mortar Carrier (MCV-B)

01531 - BMP-3 IFV (UAE)

01532 - BMP-3 IFV (UAE) w/ ERA Titles and Combined Screens

01542 - Soviet BTR 60P APC

01560 - M1135 Stryker NBC RV

01562 - B1 Centauro Early Version 1st Series

01563 - B1 Centauro Early Version ROMOR

01564 - B1 Centauro Early Version 2nd Series with Upgraded Armor

01578 - Soviet T-64A Mod 1972 MBT

01581 - Soviet T-64B Mod 1975 MBT

01582 - Soviet BTR-50PK APC

01588 - Soviet ASU-85 M1956 Airborne Assault Gun

01589 - Soviet ASU-85 M1970

01590 - Soviet BTR-70

01591 - Soviet BTR-80

02320 - PLA Type 63 Rocket Launcher

05517 - Soviet BTR-40 APC

05535 - ASLAV PC(Phase 3)

1/72nd Scale will include the following:

Warrior, Merkava 3, Challenger & Panther

In the company's 1/35th Scale Workable Tracks series:

02044 - Chinese Type 83

02047 - PT-76

02050 - T-72

02051 - T-64

02052 - Merkava Mk. 3

Our thanks to Trumpeter for the Update!
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Oh, to hope and dream that some of the wheeled 1/35 releases make it into 1/72 scale too! Please Santa
DEC 07, 2010 - 01:38 PM
Amen on the BMP 1 & 2
DEC 07, 2010 - 01:58 PM
Trumpeter t64 master LINK Well Matt if i was the Trumpy boss I would produce the complete series of "T soviet tanks" (starting to redesign the awful t54-t55 kits)... But unfortunately i'm not ,and I simply don't understand why to depict in a decent way one of the most diffused tank of ever, i still have to do a surgery whith old (and rare) Tamyia kit and Miniarm conversion... Anyway, that's an off topic. Let's ask God (and Trumpeter) to have ALL the "T-tanks" cheers
DEC 07, 2010 - 09:07 PM
From an earlier post (last year) I will add some "modern" artillery pieces. - Type 66 152mm Canon-Howitzer - Type 59-1 130mm Canon - Type 60 122mm Howitzer - D-20 152mm Canon-Howitzer - D-74 122mm Howitzer and the D-30 122mm howitzer. From the D-20 and the D-30 guns, I found some "master-build" photos. But I have no information about release-dates. source: greetings... Soeren
DEC 07, 2010 - 09:54 PM
Oh, I am, believe me! Sad that two of the most produced MBT's in the world require you to either buy a decent donor kit and a couple of hundred dollars worth of resin or a mediocre donor kit and 70-100 bucks of resin and tracks which simply makes the parts you didn't replace look even more crude. If i see an Arjun in injected plastic before a T-80 and T-90 someone is getting yelled at. . . Matt
DEC 08, 2010 - 09:39 AM
Modeller whishlists and kit catalogues are ALWAYS different....Unfortunately....that's the rule Matt
DEC 08, 2010 - 08:18 PM
m1129 mortar carrier thank the plastic gods. hope it comes with a intirore
MAR 13, 2011 - 10:19 PM
There`s definately some nice stuff in there - let`s hope they do`nt catch "DML Disease" and want to charge a fortune for them !. I have just got Hobby Boss`es Land Rover W.M.I.K. and it has everything in the box except the crew - all for just 19.99 GBP !!.
MAR 17, 2011 - 08:41 AM
A Phase 3 ASLAV PC!
MAR 17, 2011 - 12:19 PM

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