Thursday, June 02, 2011 - 08:08 PM UTC
Here in Spain, we have a very adroit expression which translated says 'Watching the bulls from the gate'. In other words, there are few greater pleasures than watching mayhem develop from a comfortable distance. This advance list of Trumpeter (particularly one of the items) may well be another shot fired in the extreme rivalry between manufacturers.
The list, which was kindly provided by the U.S. Importer, Stevens International, and is for three items which are scheduled for release in August 2011. All are 1/35th scale. The description of the items comes from Stevens themselves...

2322 - Soviet RF-8 Aerosan

(NEW VARIANT with NEW TOOLING) The RF-8 was a completely different design to the heavily armored NKL-26 variant. It was a two seat, open-cockpitdesign which was very lightly armored, carrying a gun only in its nose, and was used in the Soviet-Finnish War as well as in WWII. Kit consists of over 80 parts on 7 sprues plus 2 figures and photo-etched details.

5523 - German 12.8 cm Pak 44 Waffentrager Krupp 1 Weapons Carrier Tank

(PARTIAL NEW TOOLING) This is a WWII German weapons carrier based on the Pzkpfw 38 and includes the 128mm gun. It is questionable whether this variant actually made it into production and on to the battlefield before the end ofthe war. Kit consists of over 1080 parts on 9 sprues including 270 individual tracklinks and photo-etched parts.

And now, in the space of only a few moths the SECOND version of the rare:

5528 - German Neubaufahrzeug (new construction) Rheinmetall Tank

(100% NEW TOOLING) In the late 1930ís the Germans experimented with the construction of large multi-turreted tanks. This new vehicle was designatedPzkpfw NbFz V. The intention was to use as a heavy tank within the GermanArmy, but the design proved too complicated and it was not a reliable vehicle.Development continued any in order that the German military gained experiencewith multi-turreted tanks. Rheinmetall built two prototypes, but they were neverplaced into full production. It ended up being more of a German propaganda tool than anything else. Kit consists of over 1120 parts on 14 sprues including hull,250 individual track links, metal gun barrel, and photo-etched parts.

As always we'll be running FULL photo-reports on these items in detail BEFORE their release - watch this space!

Our thanks, to Stevens International for this intriguing Update!
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I'd rather see the 88mm Pak 43 version. At least it existed in protype form. Not sure if there was much of a production, though. It would good in a Berlin 1945 diorama.
JUN 04, 2011 - 03:56 AM
I think the Soviet RF-8 Aerosan would make a real interesting piece in a winter dio, just love the odd ball stuff
JUN 04, 2011 - 09:47 AM
i as well, Vulcan has this already in a very respectable kit, you get two aerosans. I built one for practice, the other is on my list to finish. very nice kit...
JUN 04, 2011 - 04:13 PM

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