Borrowed Goods

Borrowed goods
During the whole Market Garden Campaign I got the question if I could not compile all the forum posts into one step by step article on How to built the Airborne Jeep. This has always been my intention and that is why I made pictures of every step I took during this built. Well it took me a huuuge amount of time to finally get working on this article and it took me another record time to actually finish it.
Inspiration for Borrowed Goods
When the Market Garden Campaign started here on Armorama I started to do some research on the subject and bought the Concord Book “German Armoured Units at Arnhem September 1944 by Marcel Zwarts. On one of the first pages there were two pics of an Airborne Jeep towing a german 37 mm Cannon and three germans walking around it. I liked the scene and thought: “What the heck I`m going to built it”.
Now as a base for the Airborne Jeep I bought the Tamyia Jeep; quite a decent kit with nice detail. For the extra detail I bought the Eduard PE set and the rest of the Jeep would be scratch built. The 37 mm PAK is from Tamiya.
The Airborne Jeep??
My first question was: How different is the Airborne Jeep to the Normal standard Jeep and I went looking on the Internet for information about the Airborne Jeep. While surfing through some sites I found out that there were actually a lot of differences between the Airborne Jeep and the Standard Jeep. Most of the difference were Parts that were taken off from the Standard Jeeps to let them fit better in the Horsa Glider and to make them lighter. The frontbumper was shortened and a lot of external things were removed, a munition rack on the front and I can go on for a while. All the things I added or removed are shown in this article.

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