Got'cha Covered

This project was started in January 2005 and wasn’t complete until September 2005. I would like to thank a number of people and companies. First Armorama.com and Jim for a great community. The VLS Corporation for the various kits they provided. Kancali for their awesome road products. Jackhammer81, Costas, and Grumpyoldman for the specific help with the kids. I need to thank blockhaus for his great technique and inspiration. Thanks goes to Danny (Eagle) for proofing this Huge feature.

Parts List: Tamiya M16, Tamiya figures from M3A2 and Ford GPA, VP Welcome GI, VP Tank riders, Dragon Tank Crew, VP head, Andreas Miniatures Leapfrog, Unknown manufacture child, VP Canal Wall, CD Phone Booth, CD Bench, CD French Commercial Signs, CD European Balcony, CD Drain pipes, Kancali Fan Pattern street, Kancali sidewalks, Kancali brick road, VP Barrels, Tamiya street light, CD Park Light
  • bc_m15
  • ba_corner
  • bd_overalllow
  • bg_shake
  • cf_m16top2
  • bj_m16
  • bl_kidpain
  • ce_canal1
  • bk_m16top
  • ca_kids
  • cc_talk
  • cd_shake
  • ce_overalltop

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I modeled when I was a teenager. College, family and work stopped me for a while. Then I picked it back up after about 12 years off. My main focus is dioramas. I like the complete artistic method of story telling. Dioramas involve so many aspects of modeling and I enjoy getting involved in the ...