A useful series of books for anyone wanting to build up their library...
ACE Models of Ukraine has just begun production of a limited edition Soviet BTS-2 Tracked Armoured Recovery Vehicle (T-54 based).
Decals for Soviet Army (Afghanistan), East Germany and Poland.
More details can be found here.
Marui Tank Group (MTG) has expanded to 245 members as of 10/14/03. Marui Tank Group is a group devoted to the 1/24 scale R/C armor that shoots a 6mm airsoft round through the main gun of the tank. This group supports Marui, Academy and Hen long tanks. We have an extensive FAQ section for new and prospective owners of airsoft tanks. MTG also is a place where you can find skilled and supportive members who will be happy to assist you with your airsoft tank. We are located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MaruiTankGroup/
Once again the work of 'Mig' Jimenez is here to entice us....A new monograph entitled 'Rareties' has just been advertised.
Here are some exciting new releses from Accurate Armour!
Academy is set to release two new 1/35th AFV kits and two new 1/72nd Aero kits. The AFV kits include an M36 Jackson G.M.C. which features:
Production of a new 1/72 T-62 kit just begun by Ukrainian ACE models company.
Some photos of a prototype tank and details on a model can be found here:
At the Hobby Model Professional Show in Novegro (Milan - Italy), Model Victoria released its new L6/40 Italian WWII light tank.
Czech manufacturer Calibre 35 has several new items of interest for super-detailing and conversion lovers. The company has several product lines including the Diorama 35 line, the Footprints line (specializing in detail parts for figure shoes), the Super Collectors Mini-Museum (Armor/AFV conversions), and the Calibre 35 line which consists of various accessory items.

This movie is based upon the tenth novel, "The Far Side of the World" in the "Master and Commander" series by Patrick O'Brian, which started in 1969, inspiring 20 installments, all set during the early 19th century Napoleonic Wars, following the high seas adventures of Captain Jack Aubrey and his ship surgeon Stephen Maturin (also a spy).
According to the trades, Hanks and his Playtone producing partner Gary Goetzman are reuniting with the Saving Private Ryan director to mount a new 10-part WWII miniseries, dubbed for now "Untitled World War II Pacific Theater Project," which is on the fast track at DreamWorks.
Model Point 120mm barrels in 44 and 55 calibre lengths are now available from Trackjam Models. The 120mm L44 barrel is for the Leopard 2 A5 and earlier versions, while the 120mm L55 barrel is for the Leopard 2A6. Both are available for the Italeri Leopard 2A5 kit or the Tamiya Leopard 2A5 kit.
Verlinden continues the monthly release of different kits. Nine new kits and two book will see the commercial light of day next October.
Yes, A new, more accurate set of T-62 turrets for the Tamiya kit, and reworked masters for the TOS-1 "flamethrower Projector" from SP Designs
ACE models company from Ukraine just begun production of 1/72 model of a recovery vehicle on BMP-1 chassis.

More details about this kit can be found at Ace Scale Models.
Today we have a special treat. While doing some research, Michael Reeves (Jeeves) conducted an interview with Lt. Col. Clarence Dart, a former Tuskegee Airman. Michael was gracious enough to submit this interview for publishing so everyone could see it.

Verlinden are going to release 10 new items in September. Everything from Dozer conversion kit, to a Damaged Panther.
Trackjam Models and Maple Leaf Models announce the release of their jointly produced Leopard C1 (Early) conversion kit for use with the Italeri Leopard 1A4.
Verlinden has announced eleven new releases for August 2003... As usual, the releases are split across categories so that we can all find something new this time around!
ACE company just begun production of this kit. Decals are for four vehicles (2 Desert storm ones).
More details can be found here:
There are some very interesting "Future Releases" from Osprey Publishing due out soon. One of which will be of interest to those participating in the Barbarosa Campaign.
BLAST MODELS is expending it's line of resin accessories fast! There are already great accessories for some Pz III and Pz IV on the eastern front.
Extra Detail is a company that offers a complete range of printed model accessories. They specialise in military modeling 1/72 - 1/35 and 120mm (1:16) scales which include items from WW1 to present day 2002. During the month of May Extra Detail will be launching a host of posting including the following list:

May brings some great new stuff from Eduard Model Accessories including photoetch, barrels and kits.
ACE, the Ukrainian manufacturer of scale models, announced that the production of the 1/72 scale Command armored vehicle BTR-50PU (kit 72147) kit has begun. Kit includes decals for 7 variants including Iraq.

For more details see http://www.acemodel.com.ua/?p=model&id=152&s=&l=en
Eduard’s interior (35 540 SCUD B interior set) and exterior (35 539 SCUD B exterior set) SCUD-1c photo etched kits are the leaders of their 1/35th scale collection for May 2003. These sets replace the very old sets for Dragon's SCUD-1C kit. The bad news is that they aren’t cheap: each kits is retailing for about $25.00 USD.

For more information on Eduard’s latest releases for this month see http://www.eduard.cz/
For all us here at Armorama, here's some sad news. The new Krupp Protze 1ton (6X4) Towing Truck w/3.7cm Pak will be delayed!
Here are Verlindens New Releases for the month of May 2003.
Revell-Monogram announced that its 1:48 scale F-4E Phantom (Product #: 5978) will be released in April. The MSRP for this kit is $31.85.
ACE, the Ukrainian manufacturer of scale models, announced that Kit #72157 is in production. This 1/72 scale kit depicts the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) modification of a Soviet T-54/55 tank captured from Egypt/Syria. This tank kit has markings for a Tiran 4 (T-54 based) and a Tiran 5 (T-55 based). See the following link for additional details and photos.
Look for something out of the ordinary. Armortek’s 1/6th scale Tiger I may just fit the bill. This steel and aluminum constructed tank features scale armor thickness (some aluminum plates are up to 16mm thick!) and working torsion bar suspension – just like the real thing. It is 1373mm (54 inches) long, and 622mm (24 inches) wide. The tank stands 478mm (19 inches) high and weighs in excess of 70 kg (150lbs). WOW!
Accurate Armors latest 1/35th scale vehicle kit releases are the DEACON 6 Pr Portee (K113), the Land Rover XD TUM WMIK (LR003) and the RB 17/19 Crawler Excavator (K133).
Monroe Perdu has finally released a kit which has been on "the drawing board" for more than three years. The new kit, MPD-019 Roadside Pulpit, will compliment your AFV's and figures in all of your Normandy dioramas.
The Ukrainian manufacturer ACE Models announced that it has begun production of a 1/72 scale Iraqi upgraded T-55 (Enigma). ACE catalog number is 72152.
ACE company just started production of a BTR-50PK kit (#72146). This about the BTR-50PK from JED: This model has full overhead armor protection and NBC system with the troops entering and leaving the vehicle by two rectangular roof hatches that open either side. In the roof at the front of the hull a single piece hatch cover that opens forwards. Two ventilators are fitted, one at the front of the troop compartment on the right side and one at the rear of the troop compartment on the right side. It is likely that these were mainly converted BTR-50P.

For more info on this vehicle visit JED
Interested in Modern Russian/Soviet vehicles, but you don't want to scratchbuild them all? SP Designs, which has been around for years, has many of the kits you are looking for in 1/35 scale.
Ukrainian company ACE Models just begun production of a latest Russian upgrade of famous MT-LB transporter. BTR-80 turret utilized with this version. The kit also includes photo-etched parts.
The first figures of MIG Productions are these two Soviet tankers. Two figures in action, perfect for use in a diorama together with other figures. You can use them for any period between 1942 and 1945, in different tank types, from the Sherman to the T-34 or a JSII.
I had the pleasure of meeting Ken Lawrence from Pacific Coast Models when I was at the Silicon Valley IPMS show earlier this month. In case you haven't run across PCM before, they specialize in kits from the Italian Air Force and Italian Army as well as offering their own manufactured kits. Recently they have added a variety of armor/figure kits from Historica, Cri.El Model, and CA MA Models.
ACE models just started production of a new Russian ATGW vehicle AT-6 Spiral (Kit #72139). We have added many new projects and some vehicles added in the "Coming soon" section.
Ian Sadler has come through once again and spent untold hours scanning images from a Soviet government T55 Service Manual. I have taken these images and processed them for the web, merging them into one easy to read/print Adobe PDF document. For those who don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their system it's available at no charge on the Adobe Web site (www.adobe.com). The document is a little less than 2mb and contains 38 separate images from the manual. Russian text is also present on the images although I am not sure how readable it is.
The folks over at Platzdarm.com would like to share news of some new release 1/72 armor kits from Ace Models. They include a 1/72 MT-LBM 6MV Armored troop-carrier prime-mover. Their price on this modern Soviet kit is $8.50 (USD). They also have the 1/72 GAZ-AA (Soviet Ford AA) WWII army truck. And the price for that kit is $7.00 (USD). Read on to get direct links.

Hong Kong Creation Workshop 1/35th scale Leopard II track is now available from Trackjam Models. Each set consists of 180 track links of which 170 have standard rubber pads and 10 have grousers. a total of 168 track links (84 per sode) are required.
This month Tamiya is releasing a new armor kit to add to your collection-the T-55A Russian Medium Tank.
With December upon us, Eduard Model Accessories has released some new items just in time for Christmas. Among their releases are new photoetch sets and express masks.
Grief is a manufacturer from Mexico that specializes in clear headlight lenses of all colours and various shapes. In addition, they make resin detail parts in 1:35th scale. Their latest offering is product code GF 034 sherman headlight lenses, also in 1:35th scale. This item is for any 1:35 th scale M4 Sherman kit and consists of two 2mm lenses and two resin headlight mounts with blackout lights.
Tamiya will shortly be releasing an ausf. M version of the venerable Marder III series German tank-destroyer. Produced from 1943-1944, the Ausf. M varient was based on the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) chasis and over 350 were still in-service by the end of the war. This 4 man tank killer is a must for any serious WWII armor builder.
Check you local listings for Band of Brothers. All 10 episodes of the HBO World War II epic are once again playing on HBO signature. The mini-series is due to be released on DVD and video on November 5th. If you have not seen this series, I would suggest picking up the set. It is well worth the price tag.
WOW, and WOW again! I tried building this darned thing three or four times already, and have several ruined Sherman hulks to bear witness! But now Legend Productions has made that a whole lot easier. I picked this conversion up through Blast Models for the reasonable sum of 79 Euros. This is reasonable, when you consider the proportions of the kit. It is also worth an extre 10 % to me just foor being IDF material!
Dream Catcher has released a 6 piece set of stowage for modern vehicles. The resin cast items represent the covered rucksacks so often seen dangling from the sides of modern vehicls. Sure it's possible to do them yourself, we are just trying to make life easier at a fair price.
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