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The 21st AMPS 2015 International Convention is quickly approaching. April 30 to May 02, 2015 at the WW2 Victory Museum, Auburn IN…and Vallejo will be there!! Todd Michalak gives up a rundown of what to expect from this year’s show and Vallejo’s part at the show.
AMPS Nationals – Auburn, IN

This year’s AMPS 2015 International Convention is just around the corner…in fact, just under a week away! AMPS (Armor Modeling and Preservation Society) is holding their annual event starting April 30 and running through to May 02, 2015 at the WW2 Victory Museum, Auburn IN.

This year’s show is expected to be a great show again. The Show Committee has been hard at work towards making this show another in a long line of memorable shows, which always include the largest armor-only vendor room on the planet, interesting seminars conducted by notable speakers, the AMPS-judged competition and awards, and of course a weekend full of terrific camaraderie with your fellow armor modelers.

Show Theme

The 2015 Show Theme is “First in the Line”, guidance what qualifies has been provided by the AMPS Chief Judge as follows:

“This award is given to the model that most appropriately represents the theme selected for the convention. It may be given to either an INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED level entry. In order to qualify for the 2015 Best Theme Award, entries must be the first Mark in the production series (i.e., M48, Panzer I A, M1, etc.). In some cases, i.e., the M4A1 or Panther D were produced as the first Mark in a production series. The burden of proof is on the modeler to provide the judges with documentation on their build. Note: Experimental or pre-production variants will not be considered for this award. In cases where entrants are uncertain as to whether their model would qualify for the Best Theme Award the Chief Judge will be the final arbitrator and make the decision whether an entry fits the theme.”

Acrylicos Vallejo

I am proud to let everyone know that Acrylicos Vallejo will be attending the show this year. Myself (Todd Michalak), Rob ‘Scratchmod’ Ferreira along with Alex Vallejo will be in attendance working the Vallejo booth at the show. Both Rob and I will be there answering any questions, providing product demonstrations, step by step instructions and troubleshooting all in a hands on approach. There is an added bonus with a special seminar on painting put on by Scratchmod himself.

In the past year, we had the opportunity to attend a few shows on behalf of Vallejo. We have been able to meet with 1000’s of folks since then showing them what Vallejo has to offer, showing how all of the paints and accessories can be used as well as to help troubleshoot the various problems some folks may encounter. The hands on approach to the demos is where we sit one on one with people and not only show what can be done, we let you try it! So Stop by and say Hello! It would be great to see you!

The Show - AMPS 2015 International Convention
The Place - WW2 Victory Museum, Auburn IN
Time - April 30–May 2, 2015
Two-Day General Fees
Adults: $15.00
Youth (17 - 7): $5.00 (Under 7 – FREE!)
AMPS Family : $10.00 (Spouse & Children of Contestant)

Link to more information on the Show - 21st Annual AMPS International Show
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Hey that's us in the green shirts! LINK!
APR 27, 2015 - 10:04 PM
Will see you guys there...This will be my first AMPS International convention.
APR 28, 2015 - 10:24 AM

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