Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 10:42 AM UTC
Master Box presents a new set of figures, “Take one more grenade!" Screaming Eagles, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, Europe, 1944-1945
The kit continues and expands the series of 1/35 scale figures dedicated to urban battles that occurred during the WWII in the most various places and it represents the group consisting of four US Paratroopers fighting in one of the cities of France or Germany in 1944-1945.

The figures are animated very well, they are united by the single story and interact with each other greatly, but at the same time each figure has so bright inside expression that it allows seeing the whole story even in the single figure. This allows the modeller both to create a mini-diorama by using all figures from the kit and to use each figure separately or in any configuration depending on the intended story.
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Nice poses but I will be adding a new head/ helmet set....its a shame the rigger gloves aren't molded on the hands as per the box art, but a bit of greenstuff/ putty could fix. Thank you Master Box for another great set of figures.
DEC 18, 2018 - 11:43 AM
I'd like to see an actual shot of the spures. Seems like Masterbox uses US Marine pattern canteen covers for a lot of their US figures, regardless of branch.
DEC 18, 2018 - 01:17 PM
Nice set. Not only did they finally get the pockets on the M1943 jacket right - the lower pockets are separate pieces, providing a lot more detail than if they were molded on. I'll be receiving a set soon. Contrary to what the box says, this set is no good for 1945. The uniforms depicted were all turned in before Market Garden. While some troops did squirrel way a set for sentimental reasons, it's highly doubtful they preferred them to the newer uniform. I'd say it's impossible to find four guys in the same squad wearing it in 1945. The helmet issue is always - well, an issue. Because of the limitations of injection molding, the netting never will have a good look all the way around, so I'll use plenty of leftover MJ Miniature resin helmets. Pantyhose works nicely as well. As for the correctness of the netting,the tighter pattern is actually British, which 101st Troopers preferred when they could get them. You'll see a mish mash. Which brings up another point: Every one of these sets seems to show the reinforced pockets, knees and elbows, which was not the case. You can simply elect not to paint that feature on if you like. You should definitely leave off the US flags.
DEC 18, 2018 - 02:07 PM
Four figs are not enough! Hope they release a follow-up set of another 4 (or more!) figs.
DEC 19, 2018 - 03:28 AM
Love the box art, but I think the graffiti tagger may have misspelled "KAPİTULİREN," shouldn't it be KAPİTULİEREN? ... Anyway, have another grenade!💥
DEC 19, 2018 - 11:24 AM
What makes you think graffiti artists know how to spell? I get to look at graffiti covered trains all day and spelling and grammar are not their skill set.
DEC 19, 2018 - 10:55 PM
Hey! You from Jersey?... what exit? 😂
DEC 20, 2018 - 04:11 AM

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