Conversion: Creating a M54 5-ton Cargo Truck in 1:35th Scale

Cab Subassembly

Replacing the Engine Side Panels
The Engine Side Panels are the next things to modify in this conversion. I prefer to remove the original Side Panels at the rear line just before the Cab Vent, replacing it with a piece of plastic stock of the same width, lengthened to 1-1/2". Carefully cut the "V" from the leading edge of the original AFV Club Engine Side Panel and glue it to your new Panel. Use .025" round styrene rods to make two new Lock Latches and three Hinges for each panel.

Project Photos

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I am a Vietnam vet and retired Govt. employee living in Ormond Beach Fla. I have been building models since I was a small boy(a long time). I got into the afv models about 4years ago. My passion is the vietnam era. I am also very fond of the modern soft skin of Desert Storm and OIF. Scratch building...