Conversion: Creating a M54 5-ton Cargo Truck in 1:35th Scale

Cab Subassembly

Modifying the Hood/Bonnet

The first thing is to lengthen the Hood (Bonnet). I do this by cutting the Hood in half at the window support blocks (located about 1/3 away from the Cowling). You will need to add a piece of plastic stock 1/4 inches square by 1-3/4 inches long. For this I usually glue four pieces of 1/4" x 1/16" plastic stock together to attain the required thickness. You will also need to cut off the front of the Hood, removing the M35's rounded profile (the M54 has a flat nose). Make sure that your modified nose sits flush with the bottom of the Hood. Lay the hood on a flat surface and sand/adjust as necessary. There will be a lot of excess material sticking up that will have to be removed after the glue sets. Make sure that all the glued pieces are completely cured before you try to remove the excess material, and shaping your new Hood following the original M35 Hood contours. I prefer using a sanding stick and my Motor Tool with small sanding drum attachment for this process.

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I am a Vietnam vet and retired Govt. employee living in Ormond Beach Fla. I have been building models since I was a small boy(a long time). I got into the afv models about 4years ago. My passion is the vietnam era. I am also very fond of the modern soft skin of Desert Storm and OIF. Scratch building...