Conversion: Creating a M54 5-ton Cargo Truck in 1:35th Scale

Bringing it all Together

Wrapping Things Up
This is the basic notes for converting and modeling your own M54 5-ton Cargo Truck. Additional references, photos, and the Technical Manual will aid you in rounding out your modeling effort. There are many minor detail additions I add to my miniatures to make them more accurate for the M54 conversion. I homecast my own parts in resin so that I don't have to create masters each time. Some of these details are in photos here. All of these details will allow you to render your own M54 5-ton Cargo Truck - to the end you take these suggestions is only limited by your imagination! ATTENTION: For further pictures, please check the link below: http://http://community.webshots.com/album/103902828XhMXhO
David Willett [email protected] Animal want trucks!!!

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I am a Vietnam vet and retired Govt. employee living in Ormond Beach Fla. I have been building models since I was a small boy(a long time). I got into the afv models about 4years ago. My passion is the vietnam era. I am also very fond of the modern soft skin of Desert Storm and OIF. Scratch building...