Conversion: Creating a M54 5-ton Cargo Truck in 1:35th Scale

Chassis & Frame Subassembly

Modifying the Chassis and Frame
Reworking the Italeri chassis calls for shortening the Frame Rails (Italeri Parts #1A and 14A). Remove 1/8" from the Frame Rails, just forward of where the Transfer Case attaches, and reattach the Rails. I brace the Frame Rails with a lengths of .80" x .80" styrene strip. Remove the top of the Transmission (Italeri Parts #11B & 12B) for insertion between the Frame Rails. The Drive Shafts (Italeri Parts #27B and 31A will have to be modified accordingly. The Front Axle (Italeri Part #21A) needs to be widened - see the photo at bottom right. Afterwards, you can follow Italeri's recommended assembly sequence.

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