French BEEP


The ITALERI model of the « Beep »

It is a re-boxing of the rather old, 70's era Pearless Max kit. Italeri regularly re-issues this model. For the 50'th anniversary of the Normandy landings, it was issued with special box art. The Italian brand also sells the Command car, the dodge WC 62/63, the Dodge WC 55 « Anti-tank » and the Dodge WC 54 Ambulance.

The SKYBOW model

Lately, Skybow has been selling a series of Dodges of great quality, among which are the command car and the 6x6. Recently also, the molds of these models were bought by AFV Club.


EDUARD has photo-etched sets available to detail the Italeri kit.

VERLINDEN also has a set to detail the command car.

Finally, two conversions are offered by AZIMUT: dodge WC 64 KD and WC 53 Carryall.


The available documentation for these vehicles is very rich. The Internet will also give you access to many pictures of restored vehicles.

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I also have the excellent special number n° 5 of Militar’s kits by Gerard Deygas. This magazine by itself allows one to detail the whole series of Dodges.

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