StuG.III Ausf.G Late Production Dec.1944

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first things first
The ubiquitous StuG III seems to hold a special place in the hearts of modelers, particularly those of a Finnish bent, and manufacturers alike. It served from the early days of the war right until the end, on all fronts, in many roles and with many different nations. To date, Dragon has kitted practically every version of this vehicle in 35th scale, although the earlier models haven't been fully brought up to modern standards yet, with kit number 6593 being the penultimate version. I say penultimate because we have yet to see the inevitable “Final” version released. What you get in the box is a reissuing of various familiar sprues from previous Pz/StuG III kits, along with some new “late” sprues, a few frets of photoetch, decals, metal tow rope and Dragon's DS tracks.

When Jim called out for help with reviewing kits, I hesitantly sent off a mail. I had just returned to the hobby after a lengthy break, and had one partial build and a few comments here and there to my credit posted on the site. Not exactly the greatest credentials for a new reviewer. I offered a slightly different approach; building a state of the art kit by a returnee (my last new kit was Tamiya's StuG III back in 1995 or so), with the added perspective of using acrylics, brush painted no less. Happily, he liked the idea. Therefore, this review will be an out of the box experience focusing mostly on the merits of how well the kit goes together, and the challenges of brush painting acrylics. I am by no means a StuG expert, and will not comment on the overall accuracy of the kit, but will add my 2 cents worth where appropriate and will forgo the usual sprue and kit content shots.

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About the Author

About Kimmo Happonen (Thudius)

I got my first kit when I was about 7 or 8 and was immediately hooked. Magazines such as Fine Scale Modeler helped to push me to go beyond what kits had to offer before photo etch and resin were commonplace. I took a break of about 8 years and now I'm back at it making up for lost time. When I'm not...


Do you sometimes get the impression that Dragon has become so overconfident in their 3D modelling and prototyping that they actually don't bother sitting a guy down at a table with a tube of glue to test assemble one of these before they run the production and ship? I am seriously beginning to think so.
SEP 13, 2013 - 06:27 PM
Does a bear wear funny hats at birthday parties? But in all seriousness, I am amazed, and not in a pleasant way, at the number of parts that have fit issues and it's not just with this kit either. The worst seem to be the simplest too. For instance, a simple drop in part will have a hole that needs filler. You would think that the CAD driver would check measurements against each other, but maybe that's just me. In contrast, I recently fiddled with a Griffon early smoke candle rack and the fit was impossibly bang on for pieces that small, taking into consideration that etch has a bit of give and take with the process used. While the issues can be overcome, they are issues that should not be present for a major player like Dragon. I can forgive cottage industry manufacturers with engineering and fit, but not so easily with a major manufacturer. Even the ancient Tamiya Leopard 1A4 I had started a while back fit well. Kimmo
SEP 13, 2013 - 11:17 PM
nice review, I read for some place the only wrong in this kit is because is dont final production for some part in the ass of this tank. But is really nice kit (except for the tracks, I prefer the Tamiya tracks or old Dragon in plastic).
SEP 14, 2013 - 06:46 AM
Thanks. As I said in the review, I'm not a Stug expert so I can't say too much about what is and isn't correct. Fortunately, there are a lot of unused parts and I think one could practically make any variant of the G/40. Kimmo
SEP 15, 2013 - 02:12 AM
Very Nice review. I also bought this kit. I've been looking through your masterpiece and how you made it. But I think there might be a bit of an issue...
JAN 06, 2015 - 01:09 PM
Only one? Kimmo
JAN 06, 2015 - 01:39 PM
This was my first Dragon kit in 1/35. I think I'll stick with Tamiya 1/35...
JAN 08, 2015 - 08:58 AM
This was actually my first modern Dragon as well, there is definitely an adjustment to be made going from Tamiya to Dragon, or any of the other new manufacturers these days. Lots of detail, lots of potential to get frustrated. Patience is the key. Kimmo
JAN 08, 2015 - 01:57 PM
Uh, no, thanks. Tamiya kits are for the most part too simplified. Kimmo, that's a very extensive review and a credit to the site. I like your yellow pre-shading under the Dunkelgelb.
JAN 09, 2015 - 02:40 AM
Thanks Bill. When I was writing it up, I thought it was far too lengthy but I wasn't really sure where to start trimming text so just left it as is. I was rather pleased with the end result of the dunkelgelb, and going over the pics again, I can't help but notice those tracks really don't do the kit justice. Kimmo
JAN 09, 2015 - 06:44 PM