Wednesday, January 14, 2004 - 03:05 AM UTC
The first news of Academy's 2004 release schedule should come as no surprise, rumors have been wildly circulating for some time. However...
Academy has made available some of its initial release schedule for 2004. No dates are yet available nor is much available regarding images or availability. Some releases will be probably be 'Europe Only' as has happened in the past..... However, there are certainly some attractive options for the allied armor modeller.

The complete list is as follows.

M3 Lee (Bolted Hull Version)
M3 Grant
M3 Lee (Cast Hull Version)
M1a1 (O.I.F.)
M551 Sheridan
'Desert Warrior' (Telic/ O.I.F.)

The Lees/Grants are incredible (although anticipated), the M1a1 will be welcome although I have lost count of the number of M1a1s on the market. The Sheridan will get a lot of people salivating gently, whereas the Warrior, if indeed it is an updated version, will have British armor modellers jumping with glee. On the latter, I will reserve judgement after incorrectly announcing its release a month or two ago. Hopefully this time I've got it right.....
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