Sunday, June 20, 2004 - 09:55 AM UTC
Academy has revealed information about their new releases for 3rd quarter of this year.
There are three models in 1/35 scale announced for release next quarter. No photos are available yet. Details as they are provided on Academy web site are as follows:

M1A1 ABRAMS "IRAQ 2003" (1/35)
- Accurately reproduced model kit of M1A1 Abrams acted in iraqi War 2003
- Optional U.S.Army or U.S. Marine Corps version assembly
- Various accessories from newly-built tooling

- Accurately reproduced model kit of British Warrior MCV acted in Iraqi War 2003
- Various accessories from newly-built tooling (1/35)

- Accurately reproduced M4A2 Sherman "U.S. Marines"
- Highly detailed hull & 75mm turret (1/35)

As was quite predictable, Academy also tries to make some money on Operation Iraqi Freedom, by releasing "Iraq 2003" kits of Abrams and Warrior. The question is how much they changed in their earlier kits. There is a mention of "newly-built tooling", but I think it is only with relation to "various accessories", not to models themselves. If we get old Academy kits with just new accessories it won't be a big problem in case of Warrior, which was a very good kit with just minor problems, but it will be disastrous for Abrams, which was just bad and needed complete retooling to make it worth attention. We need to wait for more information to become available in next months.

More information should soon be available on Academy website:
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