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Trumpeter have set a release date for their long awaited T-62.

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Trumpeter have just sent us Images of their new model of the M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle.
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Trumpeter have sent us testshot photos of their new KV-1.
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Trumpeter have just sent us Images & Details of two New models of Variants on the Pz IV Chassis.
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Yes, another TWO Variants for the Sd.Kfz / in 1/35th scale...
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After a series of Prime-Movers, AA Versions, here's a simpler version of the Sd.Kfz 7 Half-Track.
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The release and counter-release of new variants of the Sd.Kfz 7 between the major manufacturers, shows no sign of abating. Here are the latest from Trumpeter
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Trumpeter have just sent us images of another of their 'Works-in-Progress'.
  • 00426-2
Trumpeter have once again given us an advance view of two figure sets under development
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Updating this story, here are the final batch of images supplied by the manufacturer.
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Never stops does it? After one or two 'taster' images, we can now present a FULL Photo-Report on Trumpeter's Sd.Kfz 7/1 in 1/35th scale.
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Of all the manufacturers exhibiting at Nuremberg, Trumpeter was probably the one with most new items on show and in their catalogue.
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Trumpeter used this years Nuremberg Show to give the first outing to this latest variant of the Sd.Kfz 7 Prime Mover. Here are more photos...
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Trumpeter have just sent us images of the latest manifestation of their Centauro. This time, the Italian version.
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The latest images from Trumpeter - this time a VERY desired subject - the T-62 in 1/35th scale.
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More W.I.P. from Trumpeter - this time some images of their ASLAV-25.
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Putting the final part to a story we've been covering for a few months now, here's the final part with images of the Sprues for Trumpeter's impressive looking large-scale model.
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Trumpeter have just provided us with more images of their latest LAV variant in 1/35th scale.
  • DSC_3711
Once again, first test-shot images of another of Trumpeter's future Modern releases.
  • 906_model
Scheduled for release in December 2008, Stevens International have supplied us with some advance images of this massive model.
  • DSC_3663
We previously covered Trumpeter's M1130 in it's 'raw' form. Here, however are photos of the finished model..
  • 00216-011
First images of this very unusual release from Trumpeter
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Hey! It ISN'T another Stryker Variant!
  • DSC_3566
The last few weeks have seen a positive deluge of images of Trumpeter's (future) armormor kit. Here's the latest
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In this update, images of another of Trumpeter's Stryker family - this time the M1134
  • DSC_3477
More images supplied by Trumpeter of what seems to be the New Releases they'll be presenting at next month's Tokyo Show. This time, a Modern Russian vehicle.
  • DSC_3400
Trumpeter have just furnished us with more images of a release for anyone who's into REALLY heavy artillery.
  • VK3001Preview4
After several image reports on Trumpeter's Modern vehicles in the pipeline, here's an unusual one from WWII...
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Trumpeter continue unabated with their Modern AFV release program.
  • DSC_3100
Trumpeter have just sent us even more images of their M1078 in 1/35th scale.
  • nberg_08_044
Trumpeter's U.S. importers, Stevens International, have just sent us details of the company's releases for December 2008.
  • DSC_1800
Trumpeter seem to be moving their development program into high gear - here are images of TWO new subjects in 1/35th.
  • M1130_Preview4_1_
More Photo-Updates on Trumpeter's future releases.
  • M1078_LMTV_f2-mail-ver
Announced here with a handful of images a few weeks ago, here's a major update.
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Trumpeter have sent us preview images of their upcoming Stryker M1130 & LMTV M1078.
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Agian, more images of W.I.Ps - this time from Trumpeter
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Even more images of Trumpeter's Stryker RV in 1/35th scale
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We've just been sent some more images of one of Trumpeter's FUTURE releases in 1/35th scale
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Trumpeter's U.S. Importer have sent us details of the (announced) releases for september 2008.
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Trumpeter have just made a series of images available to this site of a release which has surprised many.
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This is the THIRD report on Trumpeter's Sd.Kfz 7 in 1/35th scale. This time, we've been sent images of the built (TEST) kit.
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Recently, courtesy of Trumpeter's U.S. importer, we published the news of the release of an Sd. Kfz 7 in 1/35th scale. Now, taking the story a little further, some images of this long-awaited kit.
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Trumpeter's U.S. importer has just sent us the initial details of two new kits from the company.
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In this report, which will probably be the last of the Nuremberg News features, another of the 'majors' comes under the spotlight - Trumpeter
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Trumpeter (thru their U.S. Importers) have just sent us information on some of the second-quarter releases for 2008.
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Trumpeter's U.S. importer has just sent us details and some images of Trumpeter's releases for 4th quarter 2007 and 1st quarter 2008.
  • TSM00378_1
Very much in the area of Wermacht '46, the Chinese manufacturer, Trumpeter, have just sent us images of what will be a very impressive release for 'fall 2007...
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KitMaker Network and Armorama is happy to announce that after several years of hard work (mostly by Jim Rae our Managing News Editor) we now are receiving direct samples from Trumpeter of China. The first kit they have sent us is the Bruckenleger IV b in 1/35 scale (kit no: 00390).
At the beginning let me say that this report should serve simply as an indicator as to what to expect from Trumpeter during 2007. There have been other items announced which were not on show at Nuremberg and other items in the catalogue which may or may not appear this year...
I have just been given news of what we can expect from Trumpeter in the first quarter of 2007...