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Jeremy Hengest shares quite a few photos of Tamiya's upcoming 1:35 M561 Gama Goat...enjoy!
After deciding that their old website was too cluttered, Tamiya USA has rolled out a newer one that has some useful bells & whistles.

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It is looking like a new Japanese Main Battle Tank is on the way from Tamiya, and it will be an all new 1/35 scale kit.
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An announcement from Tamiya has a reduced sized Tiger Tank coming our way, I believe this should be a welcome kit for 1/48 scale fans.
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Tamiya continues to re-release some older vehicles with the help from other companies for figures, and this one is almost an instant diorama in a box.
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Two new announcements from Tamiya in 1/35 scale should have you prepared to head into Iraq.
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Tamiya has a new 1/48th scale model in the works of a Möbelwagen and two 1/35th scale offerings, however all of these releases may have a downside.
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There is something small coming from Tamiya, and by small I mean a small staff car.
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Tamiya has listed some new releases for July on their website, and I will let you determine if they are really new.
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Heads up, Tamiya is letting the elephant, or elefant, out. A much anticipated release, finally announced.
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Coming soon from Tamiya, the "Queen of the Desert", previously released in 1/35 scale, now coming in 1/48 scale.
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Tamiya America website has released news of a new decal setting solution that is soon to be released.
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Coming soon from Tamiya, a couple of familiar looking tanks, and maybe something new.
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Something interesting from Tamiya, almost a diorama in a box. With figures and vehicle, all you need to do is add a base and maybe a building.
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Tamiya has been known for big announcements, but this time it is something big. From the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Tamiya has announced a big tank, but in a smaller scale.
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Tamiya has announced they will be releasing a T55 Enigma in February in 1/35th scale. Looking at the pictures this would appear to be based upon their original T55 which is still a good model by today’s standards and this could be a winner for them. Look inside for more pictures of this soon to be released Tamiya offering.
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Tamiya have released a number of their older kits with ABER photo etched frets and turned metal barrels. With the popularity that Tamiya AFV kits still hold with the modelling community this new approach makes a lot of sense to me, it will allow those who prefer Tamiya products due to their ease of construction to build a much more realistic model from the box and does away with the annoying seams on the two part plastic barrels normally included. Take a look inside to see what these models are and what Tamiya has said about them.
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The last few years have seen an enormous number of finishing products from a variety of manufacturers. However as far as availability is concerned Tamiya still remains a popular choice. Here's news of a New product range from the Japanese manufacturer, with a real question mark over what will be its ACTUAL availability...
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After an abortive attempt to do this the other day, i've now got the correct images...

This is Tamiya's latest and arguably most hoped for releases in 1/35th Scale in a long while
Tamiya are sure to please fans of British equipment with their announcement of the release of a BSA M20 WW2 motorcycle.
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In may every year, the Shizuoka Show is held in Japan. Being on home ground, Tamiya uses this to launch a variety of new releases. Here are the three, which i've identified as COMPLETELY new releases.
...Frorm Nuremberg a series of fairly interesting releases in 1/35th & 1/48th scales.
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At the time of writing this, the annual Shizuoka Trade Fair is being held in Japan. Understandably, Tamiya is there - with a couple of New Armor-Related Releases...
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In one of the most interesting releases for ages, here's Tamiya's latest 1/48th scale release announcement.
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One of the pleasanter surprises from Tamiya a year or so ago was the announcement of the quarter-ton Austin 'Tilly' in quarter-scale. Now, a COMPLETELY new kit, in 1/35th...
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After doing a little research, i've now found details and images of ALL the Armor-Related releases announced at this year's Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan, by Tamiya
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First of, my thanks to Marcus Nicholls of Tamiya`s Modeling magazine - for indicating the right direction to find these photos.They all come from the Tamiya/Plamodel Website...
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At the annual Plamodel Show in Japan, Tamiya have announced a real big 'un...
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More images of a long-needed release in 1/48th scale...
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In a surprise addition to their 1/48th range, Tamiya have listed a Tilly as one of their future releases
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All of these releases and images have previously made there way onto the dedicated 1/48th scale Forums. However, it's not a bad thing to make space for a report on these releases.
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Tamiya are to release the Japanese Type 1 SP Gun and crew set and Type 95 Light Tank & Infantry Set.
  • Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya
The President and Chief Executive of Tamiya Mr.Shunsaku Tamiya announced at the 2008 Shizuoka Hobby Show that he will retire in June.
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Announced back in february, at Nuremberg, here are some images of Tamiya's (imminent) release of the Opel Blitz in 1/35th scale.
  • Opel Blitz
Tamiya have announced a new Opel Blitz truck in 1/35 scale.
  • Kurogane
Tamiya have released the Japanese 4x4 light vehicle "Kurogane," as kit TAM32558 in their 1/48 Military series.
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Tamiya has announced the following items on its website; WWII French Infantry Set, Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 Model - 1944 ChKZ, Char B1 bis (German Army), and more.
Since the 'move' by Tamiya from cocentrating on 1/35th to 1/48th scale amor, the forums have been full of speculaltion regarding their future plans..
July 2005 sees the release of the much awaited Tamiya Leclerc...
The last few months, has seen an explosion in the (re-vitalised) scale of 1/48th armor. Leading the charge has been Tamiyaalthough other manufacturers are doubtless waiting in the wings to start their own ranges in this interesting scale...
Here are some of the first available images of the new Tamiya 1/48th Scale armor kits. The two models featured are the Stug III and the M4 Sherman.
It was rumored some time ago that Tamiya is working quietly on 1/35 scale French MBT Leclerc.
A few weeks ago, Tamiya announced what was, for them, a radical departure, with the release of a new range of 1/48th scale armor kits. The first signs of this new direction came in the form of a Kettenkrad in 1/48th, the Tokyo Hobby Show, served as a shop window for their future intentions....
The new releases list for July has just been published on Tamiya Japanese homepage. Unfortunately we will not see any new vehicle kit in 1/35 scale next month.
For all us here at Armorama, here's some sad news. The new Krupp Protze 1ton (6X4) Towing Truck w/3.7cm Pak will be delayed!
This month Tamiya is releasing a new armor kit to add to your collection-the T-55A Russian Medium Tank.
Tamiya will shortly be releasing an ausf. M version of the venerable Marder III series German tank-destroyer. Produced from 1943-1944, the Ausf. M varient was based on the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) chasis and over 350 were still in-service by the end of the war. This 4 man tank killer is a must for any serious WWII armor builder.